OH MY GOOD FOOD is my online food diary, it is my way to share to you, what I ate what my dining experience is. All my review here is based from my personal justice. It comes from my personal taste, my personal preference, and my personal favorite. So, it might be different with yours. 

The author of OH MY GOOD FOOD is Inez Fransisca. I am graduated from economic faculty majoring marketing management in one of the best University in Jakarta. My food experience is influence with my family which is half Indonesian(Padang-Cirebon)-Chinesse Family. I live in west Jakarta, west Jakarta will be my colony area. Most of my review is food in Jakarta, but as a food blogger, I cannot escape my review from travelling. 

OH MY GOOD FOOD starts from February, 2012. I use english as the main language in this blog. Even there are bahasa it because I want to put the originality of the food, the restaurant or hawker food name. OH MY GOOD FOOD is not only do food review but also do product review. Nowadays, the pageview is more than 500,000 people from around the world. The reader of OH MY GOOD FOOD is mostly Indonesian. 

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