Food Invitation 
Bon Chon Chicken in April, 2012
Never Been Better held by in May, 2012
Food Gathering Fish n Co in June, 2012
Food Blogger Gathering held by Yukmakan with Haagen Dazs and First Love Cake, in June 2012
Afternoon Bites held with Din Tai Fung by Femina in July, 2012
Coffee Time held by Yukmakan with Haagen Dazs in July, 2012
Breakfasting with Chef Ayman Ahmed from Pull Man Dubai in August, 2012
Breakfasting Event at Marutama Ramen in August, 2012
Sukhothai by The Media Hotel in August, 2012
Lunch Invitation by Manhattan Fish Market in September, 2012
Starbucks Indonesia Autumn Gathering in September, 2012
Food Tasting Marina Prawn Mee in September, 2012
Sunday Brunch Menu in Alcoholic Bar Kemang, in October 2012

Delivery Food Tasting

Sedapur, in May, 2012
De Jaap, in July, 2012
Food Panda, in July, 2012
Sedapur, in October 2012

Special Invitation

Mountain of Food Explorace in Genting
July, 17-20, 2012

Testimonial Feature
Omo Chicken Central Park 
Bon Chon Chicken

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