Thursday, 17 May 2012

Food Gathering Openrice : Never Been Better Kemang

Never Been Better is new place in Kemang Selatan. I was invited by Openrice to join the Openrice Gathering in Never Been Better last week. Before I came there, I search so detail and ask many people, coz I am not familiar with Kemang area. But luckily I came to never been better on time. 

Never Been Better has unique interior, coz all the furniture is recycle or taken from unused goods. Like the table, the owner seek the unique table to Pulo Gebang, then the idea for chair is taken from metromini chair, and many more recycle goods here. Then the wifi signal enough strong for you googling. So the conclusion is this place is great for hangout with friends. 

Since the food not ready yet and we are waited people who was late.  So we served by ice tea, so you could mix your ice tea by your self, you could put ice level, tea, and sugar level as you like. You could mix your tea as much as you like. 

Then after waiting couple minutes later, we are served by so many food. For the food here, they are served homemade food like spaghetti aglio olio, spaghetti bolognese, crispy ice cream, etc. But for this food gathering we served with so many food, start with


Banana Ball 


Spaghetti Bolognese

Green Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Hijau)

Salad Rp.18,000,-
Spaghetti Bolognese Rp.28,000,- 
For my opinion the salad is fresh and the thousand island is great. It really homemade cooked, like in above I said.

Then the spaghetti bolognese. is so yummy. They put much cheese on the top and the meat are a lot. But for me, the spaghetti bolognese to sour, maybe they put much tomato sauce on it.

Nasi Goreng Hijau (Green Fried Rice) Rp.24,000,-
Then green fried rice, it is really yummy. The herbs are strong and it is fresh also its made from natural food colour not the food colouring like you know. Then mixed with kerupuk. It is perfect combination. 

Banana Ball Rp.16,000,-
For me the banana ball is not too special, it just like a fried banana. But what I like is they could pick the best banana in the best sweet level, so the sweetness level is good. 

Rice Beef Teriyaki
Then the last one, rice beed teriyaki. It was last surprise from Never Been Better. They gave us last menu. The Beef Teriyaki it looks like donburi which is omelet on the top. But in Never Been Better, you could ask rice beef teriyaki with egg. It is additional, so if you don't want put rice beef teriyaki with egg so you could ask them too. 

For me this gathering was so much fun, so if hurry join to, so you could come in gathering that they made. They still have many gathering. And Never Been Better is such a comfy place to hangout, to eat a homemade cooked. Thank you for I am waiting your next food gathering. For Never Been Better, I am still curious with your signature dish.

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Never Been Better
Kemang Selatan no. 31
Tel: (021) - 2725 2445
Open from 10am - 1am (weekday) 10am - 3am (weekend)!/nevbeenbetter

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