Friday, 4 May 2012

Bon Chon City Walk

This is not my first visit to BonChon City Walk, I ever food tasting here. But since my sister really loves BonChon also my mom really curious to try BonChon, so we visited BonChon again.

For this visit, the BonChon ambient is great. They have same standard for the ambient, interior, lighting, etc. So for me, BonChon always same where ever you go.

For this visit, I try their fish in large size. Coz, if you ordered BonChon larger size you order more money you could save. So if you go to BonChon with your friend, it is better to order the larger size. Then the fish is yummy too. I like it so much. Also I think the fish that they use for BonChon wish is Dory Fish. Since my first bite, the texture is smooth and light.The fish skin is crunchy like their chicken. I like it too. 

 Large Fish Bon Chon Rp.99,545,-

Then the BonChon bites is nice and crunchy like the BonChon chicken. The only different is the size. Also BonChon bites is great being movie snack. It is easy to bring and it is not difficult to eat coz they served in small piece of chicken.

Small Bonchon Bites Regular Rp.13,818,-

Then my favorite mochi ice cream. I ordered the medium size so I could mix in 3 flavour also once again, we could saving if you ordered larger size you will save more money.

Medium Mochi Ice Cream Rp.26,818,-

For me BonChon is me, my sister and mom favorite. Maybe we could come and come again here.

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BonChon Chicken
Citywalk Sudirman 
Ground Floor ,JL.KH Mas Mansyur, Jakarta           
Tel : (021) - 2555 6629

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