Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Es Sari Salju 899

Who doesn't know es salju. But still you know don't who is the best es salju in town. Es Sari Salju 899 exist since I was a little girl in Pasar Atom Pasar Baru. Everytime I visit Pasar Baru, I would love to come to Es Sari Salju 899. When I was a little girl es sari salju doesn't has cute stand like nowadays. Also es sari salju had not no name, I only know the es salju near the escalator. Then couple year ago, the owner make brand name to es salju. 

To find this Es Sari Salju 899 stand is so easy, you just need to come to Pasar Atom Pasar Baru, then the Es Sari Salju is in the left side of escalator. Then they have 3 size, medium, large and topping bowl. For the price the medium 6,000, Large 8,000, topping bowl 11,000. The regular es salju contain fruit, red bean, and green bean. For the final they put condensed milk. But for me, I like the es salju without any fruit, red bean and green bean, so it is only condensed milk. But it still yummy, coz the ice is tasty.

Medium Rp.8,000,-

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Es Sari Salju 899
Pasar Atom Pasar Baru Lantai 1
Tel : (021) - 9265 7373

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