Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rainbow Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Mille Crepe from Le Sweets

Rainbow Cake 30,000

Le Sweets is my friend's online cake. The owner is food blogger too, her name is Lauren. I am eye drooling when I check the le sweets and can't wait to order the rainbow cake and red velvet cake. So two weeks ago I ordered rainbow cake and red velvet cake. 2 famous cake in Jakarta. If you are following my blog, you might me know about my review about the best rainbow cake in Jakarta. Le sweets is one of the best rainbow cake in Jakarta. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ramen 38 Px Puri Indah

Ramen 38 is common ramen place in Jakarta. They served many kinds of soup of ramen, but they only have 1 style of noodle. Ramen 38 served many kinds of meat like chicken but they also served pork. Also they served 2 size of ramen, small and regular, so if you don't want to eat too much you could order their small size ramen. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ten Ten Plaza Indonesia Revisit

This is my second visit to Ten Ten. Really Ten Ten successful to make me miss their tempura. Let's check what I have in my second visit. Since my first visit to Ten Ten really great. I really wanna get my ass back there. So last week after visited The Baked Goods so I decided to had my lunch in Ten Ten. Like usual, Ten Ten always full in lunch time, so I have to wait couple minutes before seated.

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Baked Goods

The Baked Goods is one of my food resolution since long time ago. Last week I had a chance to came there and check out what is the yummy cake here. Also couple days before I came there, the owner Erwin Parenguan just launched the their new menu which is served for diabetic people or person who want to diet. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dapur Cokelat New Branch in Taman Palem

Today is Dapur Cokelat birthday, they have special promotion for their whole cake. Its only Rp. 111,000,- Then before they have special promotion, last week I came to their new outlet in Taman Palem, it is quite near from my home, beside they have many outlet in Jakarta Barat which is in Green Ville and Alam Sutera, but Taman Palem will be my nearest outlet Dapur Cokelat.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Onigiri by Bad Hari Onigiri

Onigiri from Bed Hair Guy I received from Sedapur. They celebrate their first aniversary, so they send some people who have blog to taste some of their yummy food which is sell in their official website. So I am lucky person who received tasting box. Beside onigiri from Bed Hair Guy, I also received, Pisang Ijo Genit, and Pempek Emak.

For Bed Hair Onigiri, It is so cute packaging I received from Sedapur, I really love their cute onigiri too. Then They sent me 2 onigiri. One is mixing between crunchy fish and the other is spicy tuna.

 Crispy Fish Rp.9,000,-

Friday, 25 May 2012

Pempek Emak

 Pempek Emak Rp.15,000,-/piece

Beside Pempek Emak, I also received Pisang Ijo Genit and Bed Hair Guy Onigiri from Then today I will review about pempek emak. Pempek Emak served pempek in Bangka style. Also not like another pempek, Pempek emak used shrimp as the main ingredient of pempek. So the pempek will taste sweet coz the shrimp will bring the sweet taste. Then as the instruction how to cook Pempek Emak, you could cook pempek with fried, steam and heat in the microwave. But I prefer to fried the pempek. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pisang Ijo Genit

Arround last week I received tasting box from @sedapur. They sent me Pisang Ijo Genit, Bed Hair Guy Onigiri and Pempek Emak. All the tasting box is really yummy. 

For pisang ijo genit. This is my first time tasting pisang ijo. So I am little bit worried I don't like the pisang ijo. But when I opened the box and slice the banana. It smell good. Also the pisang ijo looks yummy after combine with coconut milk, syrup, and condescend milk. Also don't forget to put some ice.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sushi Naga

Sushi Naga is one of my favorite sushi. When I am too lazy to go to sushi tei or going to other sushi resto, I am prefer sushi naga to fulfill my want to eat sushi. Sushi Naga is quite famous in Jakarta Barat region. Since my home is Jakarta Barat region, maybe it is my comfort sushi for me. Sushi Naga established since couple years ago. For the first time I came here, many people said the chef is from sushi tei, so maybe you could taste the same taste like sushi tei or could order the same menu here. 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Food Gathering Openrice : Never Been Better Kemang

Never Been Better is new place in Kemang Selatan. I was invited by Openrice to join the Openrice Gathering in Never Been Better last week. Before I came there, I search so detail and ask many people, coz I am not familiar with Kemang area. But luckily I came to never been better on time. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Soto Ayam Ambengan Pak Sadi (ASLI) Juanda

If you follow my blog, you will know that couple time I post about Soto, like Satay and Soto Puri also Soto Kudus Blok M. Reguraly I am not indonesian food craver, but you have to try this Soto Ayam Ambengan Pak Sadi which is really worth to try. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

XO Suki Puri Indah

XO Suki is my favourite place to eat suki in mall. I knew XO Suki because the owner is my dad's friends family, so in their soft opening I ever invited by XO Suki. But since they spread their business now they are also franchise XO Suki. So not all XO Suki outlet are handle by my dad's friend family. Their first XO Suki in Emporium Pluit. But nowadays you don't have to try XO Suki in Emporium Pluit, coz they have many outlet in Jakarta.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Finally I had a chance to coming to Ninotchka Cafe. Long time in my food resolution, Ninotchka is standing there and I am not cross that name. But finally last week, me and Vina coming to Ninotchka. Ninotchka owner is fashion blogger Sonia Erica who is really famous in fashion industry. Then arround last year she spread their pasion to food industry. So here it is Ninotchka.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Magnum New Flavour

From television I know that Magnum launch there new flavour. Here it is I share what new flavour they have.  For my last time eat magnum, they have classic, chocolate-cappuccino, almond, and chocolate truffle. Now they also have chocolate strawberry, chocolate brownies and hazelnut. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sate and Soto Puri Haji Umar

Satay and Soto Puri Haji Umar is one of my dad's favourite hawker food in Puri Indah area. Since the satay is really good also the price is cheap. Why don't you try eat there. Satay and Soto Puri Haji Umar is located accross of IPEKA Puri school. Or you could find Pengadilan Agama Jakarta Barat, the Satay and Soto is located in left side of that office. 

In everytime I visit here, I always order satay also the soto. It is great combination. The satay I only order 10 sticks and I order the soto without rice. 

Sate Rp.13,000,- / 10 Sticks

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Es Sari Salju 899

Who doesn't know es salju. But still you know don't who is the best es salju in town. Es Sari Salju 899 exist since I was a little girl in Pasar Atom Pasar Baru. Everytime I visit Pasar Baru, I would love to come to Es Sari Salju 899. When I was a little girl es sari salju doesn't has cute stand like nowadays. Also es sari salju had not no name, I only know the es salju near the escalator. Then couple year ago, the owner make brand name to es salju. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Omo! Chicken Central Park

Omo Chicken is one of crunchy chicken resto in Jakarta. First time I know omo chicken is because the cute yellow chicken as omo mascot. So this time I am curious how the crunchy chicken taste. Since many crunchy chicken resto chicken in Jakarta, I wanna try one by one crunchy chicken.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Minilovebites Cupcake

Maybe it is not first time you hear minilovebites. They are quite famous in cupcake industry. But little bit late, I just tried them couple week ago. Same like Misu, I come in City Walk coz I attend seminar there. There is minilovebites stand on there. So I buy many cupcakes to taste how good minilovebites. 

Minilovebite has many flavour but the famous flavour they have are red velvet cake, double choco, and green tea. So I bought 2 of their favourite cupcakes. 

Then I tried their red velvet cupcake. I like it so much, it is different with green tea cupcake. The red velvet cupcake is good, the texture so nice, it is moist, and soft also the creme cheese frosting is great. I like it. Then for vanilla chocolate chip cupcake, It is great. The choco chips make it great also I could taste the vanilla then the frosting is good too. For the sweet level, it is enough for me. 

Green Tea Cupcake 20,000

Misu : It's TiraMISU in a cup

Original Misu Rp.13,500,-
 Matcha Misu Rp.14,000,-
This is Misu an online Tiramissu shop. Last month I came in seminar and found there is stand Misu in there. Coz I am curious and interesting what is Misu. then I buy 2 Misu. Misu is Tiramisu cup which is regularly selling online. I like Misu from their packaging, they are so bright with yellow colour in cup also brochure. Also the misu taste is make you addicted. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bakmi Agoan

Bakmi Agoan is famous noodle in Jakarta Barat area. Since my home in Jakarta Barat so, this is my favourite noodle place. Agoan is place for eating breakfast but don't worry if you are come in lunch, or dinner they have many kind of food to eat in lunch or dinner. Basicly they are served noodle, but they also served many kind of chinesse food. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Bon Chon City Walk

This is not my first visit to BonChon City Walk, I ever food tasting here. But since my sister really loves BonChon also my mom really curious to try BonChon, so we visited BonChon again.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Convivium is famous resto in Jakarta. They are famous with their red velvet cake, which is so hype right now. Then I am so lucky could taste their red velvet cake. Beside that, I also tasted their pasta. They have amazing kind of pasta. They have risotto, cannelloni, ravioli, spaghetti, angel hair, etc. Like no other western resto, they made by themself their pasta. So, if you are pasta lover, you have to coming here, taste their homemade pasta also their hospitality. Convivium located in south Jakarta, it is unfamiliar area for me, coz I live in west Jakarta. But it is easy to find Convivium.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cafe La Oma Lembang

In my trip to Bandung, I stay in La Oma Hotel, so in my leisure time and laziness to find food outside hotel, so I try the La Oma Cafe. La Oma has a great view and many field to play or only to enjoy the great view of Lembang. La Oma Cafe served traditional food, western also asian food. In my first impression it looks like they don't focus why food they want to served, but after I tried their food, I know how great they served the food.


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