Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pisang Ijo Genit

Arround last week I received tasting box from @sedapur. They sent me Pisang Ijo Genit, Bed Hair Guy Onigiri and Pempek Emak. All the tasting box is really yummy. 

For pisang ijo genit. This is my first time tasting pisang ijo. So I am little bit worried I don't like the pisang ijo. But when I opened the box and slice the banana. It smell good. Also the pisang ijo looks yummy after combine with coconut milk, syrup, and condescend milk. Also don't forget to put some ice.

Pisang Ijo Genit Rp.10,000,-/piece

Also until 27 Mei Sedapur give discount for pisang ijo. ONLY Rp. 6,500,- So hurry up, if you are likey pisang ijo or you never try pisang ijo, you should try the pisang ijo genit. It is worth to try. Check the deal here >>

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