Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dapur Cokelat New Branch in Taman Palem

Today is Dapur Cokelat birthday, they have special promotion for their whole cake. Its only Rp. 111,000,- Then before they have special promotion, last week I came to their new outlet in Taman Palem, it is quite near from my home, beside they have many outlet in Jakarta Barat which is in Green Ville and Alam Sutera, but Taman Palem will be my nearest outlet Dapur Cokelat.

For my visit, I really missed their ice chocolate and their chocolate praline. It is so rich chocolate not like the others, I think their ice chocolate is mainly chocolate ingredients and less milk or water. I like their ice chocolate. Then I heard that Dapur Cokelat has new comer which is rainbow cake. I thought in Taman Palem outlet, they have their new comer. Then I asked to the supervisor, they don't have their new comer, coz they only make for order. 

Beside I missed their ice chocolate, chef Adith  said asked me to come to the new outlet and I should met the supervisor. Coz I don't know why the reason, so I came there and surprise I've got the dapur cokelat box chocolate praline. It is so pretty. Thank you for supervisor and chef Adith


Mix Praline Rp.32,500,-

 Cold Chocolate Rp.20,000,-



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Dapur Cokelat Taman Palem
Taman Palem Lestari 
Block D10 no 31 Jakarta Barat
Tel : (021) - 555 1345

1 comment:

  1. oh my how lucky you are!
    that iced chocolate dispenser really looks amazing. will visit when i'm back for sure.



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