Friday, 30 November 2012

Kwetiauw Akang

Couple weeks ago when there were long weekend, my mom and dad asked me to go to Kwetiauw Akang. I know Kwetiauw Akang from my friend and she said Kwetiauw Akang was the best Kwetiauw in town. The first time I tried Kwetiauw Akang I took away the kweatiauw and I don't like it. So when my mom and dad asked me, I under estimated Kwetiauw Akang. I thought I might not love it, but surprisingly I'm in love with Kwetiauw. Here's why I'm in love this Kwetiauw. 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Private Tasting Gastro Alley

Gastro Alley is new western resto in food district Pantai Indak Kapuk Jakarta. Launched in July 2012. I feel honored that I was invited in Gasto Alley Private Food Tasting three weeks ago. I had private tasting with Anak Jajan and Wanderbites. In lunch time at 1pm, I came to Gastro Alley. I welcomed with the owner Mr Darmawan and Mrs Nancy. They picked us some food for private food tasting, so here's what we had!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

UPDATE 24/11/2012 : Bubble Tea in Jakarta

Nowadays, Bubble Tea available in many brands and many variants, for bubble tea lover like me, I would love to taste one by one the bubble tea, what I like and what I don't like. Actually the bubble tea era is start when Chatime opened their first store in Living World, they are the first bubble tea pioneer with the bubble tea style that we drink. Before the Chatime, when I was in junior high school there were famous bubble tea, there are Hop Hop and Quickly, but I don't put them in my list because I wanna record the bubble tea era from Chatime to many newest bubble tea that I know. 

1. Cha Time

Topping : 
Pearl, Grass Jelly, Pudding, Coconut Jelly, Coffee Jelly, Aloe Verra, Rainbow Jelly, Red Bean 
Price range :
 Rp.15,000 - Rp.24,000 (Bubble Tea)
Rp. 3,000,- (Topping)
 What I tried : 
Hazelnut Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea
What I like :
Matcha Milk Tea with Egg Pudding
Size :
Regular and Large
Available hot :
Located : 
Senayan City 3rd Floor
Central Park LG
Mall Ciputra LG
Puri Indah Mall GF
Mall Taman Anggrek  
Grand Indonesia
Living World GF
Gandaria City LG
Mall Kelapa Gading
Plaza Semanggi 3A
Lippo Mall Kemang Village LG
Kota Kasablanka
Pondok Indah Mall 1st Floor
Mall Artha Gading GF
Stamp Collection :
Buy 10 get 1

Monday, 19 November 2012

EAT, DRINK & DONATE Charity Dinner with Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012

In October, Ismaya held the biggest food event. They invited many famous chef foreign and domestic chef, they make make cooking demo, gala dinner and etc. I came in their the last day of opening week, but unluckily me I only bought some Rendang from William Wongso. But in the last day of October, I've got invitation to come to very special closing dinner night Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012 event Eat, Drink and Donate Charity dinner. I felt so honour, I could be invited at this closing dinner from JCF 2012. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Tasting Box Part 2 from Sedapur

Arround one month ago, I got delivery tasting from It is my second Product Tasting Box from Sedapur. In this Product Tasting Box part 2, they sent me Pempek from  delivery tasting from Sedapur. I've got Pempek Bola Keju from Pempek Udang Emak and Otak-Otak from Otak Otak si Dia. Before this event, Sedapur ever had this event named Product Tasting Box part 1. I posted it in this blog, you could check by click here. So, I am kinda excited what they sent me in Product Tasting Box part 2. Keep reading to know how good they are. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Yaudah Bistro

Yaudah Bistro is one of restaurant who stay quite longer in my food resolution. I really want to go there because I heard so many people said they have great food. Actually they served western food, so you could find, pasta, steak, burger and etc Last month I went there with my mom in lunch time. My mom thought, Yaudah Bistro located in Jaksa street, but when we through until the end of Jaksa street , but we didn't find it. We didn't know that Yaudah Bistro was moved to Gondangdia Menteng, so after we asked some people on street we found direction to reach Yaudah Bistro. In Menteng street, we found yellow catchy building that is Yaudah Bistro. We were very hungry, so we hurry up called the waitress and ordered some speciality food. Here's what we have in Yaudah Bistro. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Crunch Chips : Snack from Nestle

Crunch Chips Small Rp. 2,500,- Large Rp. 4,790
Crunch Chips is new snack from one of biggest snack producer in Indonesia, so without no doubt after watching their ad, I really want to try Crunch. Last week, I went to Carefour and found many flavour and size of Crunch. I thought they only have one flavour, actually they have 3 flavour, there are orange, strawberry and original.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pempek Apy

Finally I post about Pempek Apy. I went there arround 3-4 months ago. Pardon me for late review. I went there in the morning after breakfast in Pasar Puri, my mon said one of her friend from Palembang said there is endess pempek in Taman Ratu. Then after went to Pasar Puri me, my family went there. Suprisingly, this Pempek had long queue, even it still morning which I know it is not time for having pempek. Even they had long queue, in my opinion, that indicated there are so many people wanna eat there and it means they have great pempek, so check this out!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bakmi Aluk

Couple weeks ago after went to Orkid Studio my mom asked me to try chicken noodle in the left side of Orkid Studio. It called Bakmi Aluk. In the right side of Orkid Studio, there is pioneer of Bakmi Aluk who is Bakmi Alok. As I know the owner of Bakmi Aluk worked at Bakmi Alok then he out of work and try to make the exactly sama noodle like Bakmi Alok. I know its little bit weird when your ex employee out of company and make the exactly same food. I really curious what it looks like, is that same or different with the pionerr, check this out!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sam & Jolly Cafe

After went to church, last week in Saturday night, I went to Central Park to hangout with my sister. We had our dinner in Kamikaze and window shopping. After that I thought I want something sweet as dessert. I got an idea why don't I try Sams and Jolly, new restaurant under Sour Sally as the pioneer of frozen yoghurt in Indonesia. I thought maybe they have many unique dessert to try. I steeped my foot to Sams and Jolly.  Luckily me, I came there as the last order. If I was little bit late to came to Sams and Jolly maybe I could not taste their unique food. So here's what we had. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Liberica Coffee

Around two months ago I went to Central Park to had lunch with Anak Jajan after had lunch in Hachi Hachi we stepped our foot to newest coffee shop (in that time Liberica was the newest coffee shop) in Central Park. I knew Liberica since they opened their first store in Pacific Place, but as my first impression of Liberica it was a boring coffee shop. I have been curious what Liberica has to offer customer in their concept. They have good looking interior, it pushed me to seek out what they have. Check this out.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rendang by William Wongso

Last day of Grand Opening Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012, I came on sunday. In Garuda Indonesia lounge I saw stand of William Wongso so I visited that stand and take a look what William Wongso have and I found Rendang made by him, I asked the price first and I am impressive of the price, it is so affordable. So I bought it. It is vacuum pack so if you want to gift to your friend who live aboard you could bring it to them. It could be best consume til couple of months.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Downtown Bistro

Western food is often eaten with friends. Maybe because they have one portion for one people. So, last month with my friends Vina and Anitya, we went to Downtown Bistro. Before we knew that they are located in Landmark Building. I don't know where is it. I even don't know where is Landmark Building. So couple weeks ago before we ate there, we had to turn around far from Bundaran HI because the police closed the street. We passed by Landmark Building and we wish visit them next time. They served international menu, so I was excited what they have. So here it is

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hema : Dutch Resto

Between European Food, Hollandaise food has the least popularity than the others. Like Italian food, we easier to remember what is Italian food such as pizza, pasta, gelato and etc. Germany, we easier to remember they have great sausages. Swiss famous with their cheese. French famous with their escargot. But Hollandaise food, I only remember Pofferjes as dessert for appetizer or main course, I don't really have any idea. So couple weeks ago I went to Hema Dutch Resto, they have many more Hollandaise Food beside their famous Pofferjes. Here's what we had.


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