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EAT, DRINK & DONATE Charity Dinner with Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012

In October, Ismaya held the biggest food event. They invited many famous chef foreign and domestic chef, they make make cooking demo, gala dinner and etc. I came in their the last day of opening week, but unluckily me I only bought some Rendang from William Wongso. But in the last day of October, I've got invitation to come to very special closing dinner night Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012 event Eat, Drink and Donate Charity dinner. I felt so honour, I could be invited at this closing dinner from JCF 2012. 

A closing charity dinner that features 7 chefs, who are each presenting their 1 signature dish. The proceeds of this dinner will go to Drive Books Not Cars organization in support of Taman Bacaan Pelangi and Sahabat Anak. Featured Chefs in this event are Arimbi Nimpuno (Lifestyle Studio and Arimbi Kitchen), Gianfranco Beltrame (Casa D’Oro, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta), Gilles Marx (Amuz Gourmet), Hugo Adrian (Blowfish Kitchen & Bar), Sandra Djohan (Epilogue), Steve Diaz (Colette & Lola), Vindex Tengker (The Dharmawangsa Jakarta)

In this event, there were Iintroduction to Drive Books Not Cars & what they do, door prize JCF merchandise, JW Marriott voucher, Maroush vouchers, 1 illy coffee machine, and more. They mention this event is Eat, Drink and Donate, so there were live auction for Isabella & Sofia Bliss’ books, George Calombaris' books, George Calombaris' signed chef jacket!

This is menu for this event. This menu is not describe about food they served, but they tell us about the biography of person behind the menu. 

We start our dinner with cold appetizer from Hugo Adrian (Blowfish). He made Tuna Carpaccio with Okinawa Sauce & Daikon Salad. Pairing with Cape Discovery Rose 2011. The presentation looks nice. Tuna Carpaccio taste really good, I love the smoked salmon. But he served the okinawa sauce they served one with the other plate is not exactly same, so I found my friend Tuna Carpaccio has more sauce than me and I found that the other one has less than me. Daikon Salad looks cute too. Even the wasabi quite smelly, but it is really good combination of this appetizer. 

Cold Appetizer by Hugo Adrian (Blowfish)
Tuna Carpaccio with Okinawa Sauce & Daikon Salad

As pairing Cape Discovey Rose is quite strong, it is nice combination with the Tuna Carpacio with Okinawa Sauce & Daikon Salad which is fresh and great. 

Cape Discovery Rose 2011

My second appetizer is Grilled King Prawn with Green Curry Espurna from Arimbi Nimpuno (Lifestyle Studio & Arimbi Kitchen). First time this dish came in my table, I was surprised with the dish I've got. I thought it will be big king prawn as they mention the named before. But it comes with small prawn. It looks nice and traditional. She served Grilled King Prawn with white cracker. It looks so Indonesia. When I taste it, I really love the green curry, even it is little bit spicy but I don't mind to taste more. The prawn comes nicely cooked and the green herbs as garnish taste so good. 

Hot Appetizer by Arimbi Nimpuno (Lifestyle Studio & Arimbi Kitchen)
Grilled King Prawn with Green Curry Espuma

Too accompany Grilled King Prawn with Green Curry Espurna, they served Cape Discovery Sauvignon Blanc 2011. 

Cape Discovery Sauvignon Blanc 2011

My next dish after cold and hot appetizer is Pumpkin Soup with Foie Grass from Sandra Djohan. It looks so bright with yellowish colour of pumpkin. Literally I don't like pumpkin, but when I tried this soup, I love it so much. It is soft and creamy. Foie Grass comes nice, smooth and tender. When I taste Pumpkin Soup and Foie Grass, they are like soul mate, matching each other. 

Soup by Sandra Djohan (Epilogue)
Pumpkin Soup with Foie Gras

After Soup, I've got pasta. It comes with Ravioli Stuffed with Cepe Mushroom & Yellow Pepper Sauce. It comes with green ravioli with yellow sauce and green foamy garnish. It taste really good. I love the Cepe Mushroom as filling inside the Ravioli, but if you only tried Yellow Pepper Sauce, maybe you won't like it, so you have to eat Ravioli complete with Yellow Pepper. 

Pasta by Gianfranco Beltrame (Kempinski)
Ravioli Stuffed with Cepe Mushroom & Yellow Pepper Sauce

To pairing Ravioli Stuffed with Cepe Mushoom & Yellow Pepper Sauce, they choose Montes Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2010.

Montes Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Then we continue with Fish. Gilles Marx from AMUZ served Steamed Fega Barramundi, Ginger Scented Rice and Lime-Coconut Sauce. Barramundi comes really nice, light, soft and tender, combine with Lime-Coconut Sauce which is very fragnant and Ginger Scented Rice taste really good. Every element in this plate is really matching. 

Fish by Gilles Marx (AMUZ)
Steamed Fega Barramundi, Ginger Scented Rice & Lime-Coconut Sauce

To accompany Steamed Fega Barramundi, they choose Vina Ventisquero Grey Chardonnay 2010. 

Vina Ventisquero Grey Chardonnay 2010

Before we continue our dish to Main Course. They served me Orange Granita with Lemon Sorbet. It is from Ismaya Catering. Orange Granita comes really fresh so it will neutralize your mouth after tried fragnant dish. 

Palate Cleanser by Ismaya Catering
Orange Granita with Lemon Sorbet
Here we come, what I am waiting for. It is Roasted Bultarra Saltbush Lamb Shoulder Rack with Mustard & Taragon, Radish Agnoloti, Salsa Verde & Cepes Jus from Vindex Tengker. It comes really tempting. I really love the Lamb Shoulder Rack, it cookes very well. There is still red colour on the Lamb, so it means he cooked in medium well. 

Meat by Vindex Tengker (The Dharmawangsa)
Roasted Bultarra Saltbush Lamb Shoulder Rack with Mustard & Taragon,Radish Agnoloti,Salsa Verde & Cepes Jus

As I know, the best companion for red meat is red wine, so they served Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2010 to accompany the Lamb Shoulder Rack. It is really good, to calm down the red meat. 

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2010

For closing dish, they served something sweet which is Golden Hazelnut Praline with Amaretto Noughatine Ice Cream from Steve Diaz. I really love this dessert so much. Golden Hazelnut Praline comes with cracking skin, it looks crunchy from outside but the cake inside is soft and moist. Served with Amaretto Noughatine Ice Cream, it makes Golden Hazelnut Praline taste richer and bold. 

Dessert by Steve Diaz (Colette & Lola)
Golden Hazelnut Praline, served with Amaretto Nougatine Ice Cream

Overall, I really enjoy every single dish they served. Thank you so much JCF and Goorme for invitated me in this event. I wish we could meet again for the next JCF. See ya

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