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Private Tasting Gastro Alley

Gastro Alley is new western resto in food district Pantai Indak Kapuk Jakarta. Launched in July 2012. I feel honored that I was invited in Gasto Alley Private Food Tasting three weeks ago. I had private tasting with Anak Jajan and Wanderbites. In lunch time at 1pm, I came to Gastro Alley. I welcomed with the owner Mr Darmawan and Mrs Nancy. They picked us some food for private food tasting, so here's what we had!

Gastro Alley looks same like the other western food in PIK area, but they had speciality in steak. They have grade 2 and grade 6 of steak. This quality of steak is rarely to find in some western food. They are not highlight the quality but they highlight the price which is much more cheaper if they use lower quality. Some of customer don't really mention about the quality of steak that Gastro Alley used. So if you visited Gasto Alley, you had to try their steak.

Gastro Alley has comfort ambience, it looks from we stepped our food in Gastro Alley. On the front, there is bar to make drinks and couple of tables and chairs. Then you would welcome white and bold colour. It is colour that dominate Gastro Alley interior. They have long sofa in the right side, and wood tables and chairs, so it feels so comfort. You could take your time to eat here, hangout, and chit chat with your friends.

Gastro Alley served western food. They are focus in pasta, burger and steak. Mr Darmawan and Mrs Nancy already ordered some food for the us, so we just wait what they ordered for us. For drink, they suggest us to tried their Mocktail or their coffee.

Gastro Punch Rp. 30,000,-
Blueberry Mango Rp. 30,000,-
Sunset Boulevard Rp. 30,000,-

I've tried their Mocktail. I ordered Blueberry Mango Basillico, Mr Jajan ordered Sunset Boulevard and Mrs Jajan Gastro Punch. It comes so unique when our drinks came to our table. We suprised with the presentation of our drink. It looks so cute with smoke from dry ice. It makes my Blueberry Mango Basillico still cold even they didn't put some ice on it.

Gastro Punch is fresh lychee, lemon, and orange mixed with apple juice, hint with lychee and strawberry syrup. Even though looks not too attractive but it would be nice for sunny day.

Blueberry Mango Basillico taste so great. I really in love with mango puree and blueberry sauce. There are balance between sweet and sour of mango and blueberry, moreover for the sunny day. 

Sunset Boulevard taste nice too. It is fresh with mixed between cranberry juice, peach and lychee syrup. They served with whole lychee. It comes with sexy purple colour and it is so nice. 

Then we continue our lunch with some appetiser. They ordered us cola chicken wing, mushroom soup and clam chowder. We start with mushroom soup.

Mushroom Soup Rp. 31,000,-

Mushroom Soup is creamy soup made by fresh mushroom, red wine, and onion topped with mushroom powder. It taste so tasty and for cream soup lover, maybe you have to try this mushroom. 

Clam Chowder Rp. 33,000,-

Clam Chowder is potato soup made from clams, celery, onions, and white wine. If I compare mushroom soup with Clam Chowder, in my opinion Clam Chowder taste more sweeter. Maybe because it based from clams, which is make the broth sweeter.

Cola Chicken Wings Rp. 37,000,-

The last appetiser we had, it is Cola Chicken Wings. It comes so tempting with shinny caramelised cola chicken wings. It taste sweet as the named they mention, they used cola. It taste so yummy and unique.

Then we continue with main course. We started with pasta. They have many variants of pasta like spaghetti, penne or fettucine.  

Penne Vodka Rp. 49,000,-

Penne Vodka is combination of tomato, cream cheese, marinated with vodka and served with bacon bites. Even though it looks same like the other penne in other resto, but if you eat them you will know what make them different. It is cheesy and tasty. I love it so much.  

Spaghetti Bolognese Rp. 47,000,-

Spaghetti Bolognese is traditional and most popular pasta. Spaghetti Bolognese is baked tomato and beef sauce marinated sauce with red wine. The difference this dish than the other resto, because they use red wine and they not only used minced beef but also they used mixed with oxtail, sirloin and little bit of minched beef. 

Classic Burger Rp. 53,000,-

Classic Burger not look like another classic burger. They make little twisted with crunchy potato chips which is put in the burger stack. So when you eat it, it will be crunch on your mouth. They used tomato, lettuce, grilled onion, mushroom and special BBQ sauce. In my opinon,I love the beef burger and the BBQ sauce. The beef burger marinated well and the BBQ is kick my taste buds.

Gastro Burger Rp. 59,000,-

Gastro Burger is one of their signature dish in Gastro Alley. They named as glamburger and it consists of sauted mushroom, onion ring, bacon and covered with melted smokey cheedar cheese. I really in love this dish than Classic Burger. But I will be happier if they used orange cheese, because this cheedar cheese not too melted if I compared with orange burger.  

Then we continue with steak, which is one of the best dish that they could served to you. We've got Serious Wagyu Sirloin Steak and Terrific Wagyu Tender Steak.

Serious Wagyu Sirloin Steak Rp. 139,000,-

Serious Wagyu Sirloin Steak, they use grade 6 steak, but if you are mind with the price you could choose grade 2 which is more cheaper. I'm in love with the sirloin steak, I could taste the sirloin and even they cooked medium, but there is no fresh blood from the beef. Served with mashed potato and fresh vegetable. I love the mashed potato, it taste so creamy, rich and, and milky. 

Terrific Wagyu Tender Steak Rp. 189,000,-

Terrific Wagyu Tender Steak comes with mashed potato and fresh vegtable. For pairing Mr Darmawan served Tenderloin Steak with melon. So it will be taste fresh and sweet from melon and tasty from tenderloin steak. It will give you unique sensation. 

To accompany this yummy tenderloin steak, they have 3 sauces. There are red wine sauce, blackpepper sauce and mushroom sauce. My best picked sauce to accompany the steak is red wine sauce, because the wine really mate with the steak and it is so delicious even you only eat with mashed potato or vegetables.

Finally we have come with dessert time. In my opinion, dessert is really important to close our dinner, because we started with appetiser and we should ended with something sweet. Gastro Alley has limited variants of dessert, but you must try their limited dessert they offered. They served us Cheese Cake and Espresso Creme Brulle.

Cheese Cake Rp. 43,000,-
Espresso Creme Brulle Rp. 39,000,-
Cheese Cake comes plain and it looks the same like the others cheese cake, but once again they make some twist with put some orange zeist, so it won't taste boring cheese cake, but it will taste fresh cheese cake so it will cheer you day up. 

Espresso Creme Brulle successful crack on top. It taste little bit bitter. It is because they use 90% robusta coffee, 10% arabica and mixed with kahlua, vanilla bean, caramel and lemon zeist. It taste so complex dessert. But it will be taste sweet, bitter and sour creme brulle. 

Overall Gastro Alley will be my favorite place to fulfill my crave of steak, they maintain the quality to stay the best but still they have competitive price. For you who loves steak, maybe it will be hidden gem of the best steak in town. So you have to come and taste their steak.  

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