Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Crunch Chips : Snack from Nestle

Crunch Chips Small Rp. 2,500,- Large Rp. 4,790
Crunch Chips is new snack from one of biggest snack producer in Indonesia, so without no doubt after watching their ad, I really want to try Crunch. Last week, I went to Carefour and found many flavour and size of Crunch. I thought they only have one flavour, actually they have 3 flavour, there are orange, strawberry and original.

Crunch really reminds me of my favourite snack Pillow from Oisihi, but I rarely eat them and I think its quite boring because they only have limited variants and flavour. So when I taste Crunch from Nestle I have high expectation of it. 

Crunch Chips describe as chocolate crunch chips with chocolate. They have 3 flavour, original, orange and strawberry. They also have two size small (30gr) and large (60gr). Even in tv commercial and packaging says snack with chocolate melted, but actually there is no melted chocolate. Chocolate filling inside packed and mate with the chips. Between 3 of their flavour, my favourite one is Orange Crunch Chips, because it is fresh and the orange flavour make it combination between sweet and sour. It is nice to accompany you when you craving for sweet chocolate snack or maybe for chocolate lover, you might be love this snack.

You could get Crunch Chips in supermarket like Carefour, Hero, and etc. Let's crunch the chips!

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