Friday, 2 November 2012

Downtown Bistro

Western food is often eaten with friends. Maybe because they have one portion for one people. So, last month with my friends Vina and Anitya, we went to Downtown Bistro. Before we knew that they are located in Landmark Building. I don't know where is it. I even don't know where is Landmark Building. So couple weeks ago before we ate there, we had to turn around far from Bundaran HI because the police closed the street. We passed by Landmark Building and we wish visit them next time. They served international menu, so I was excited what they have. So here it is

After came in Downtown Bistro, I was surprise with the greeter who said we seated in smoking area, so I begging her to seated us in inside. She grant it and gave us in non smoking area. I was happy for not join to the smoker.

When you enter indoor area, you will see there is bar on the left side. In the other side they have book shelf with many old books and one sofa in the right side near the toilet. Because of the book shelf and old books, I feel like in the library, but I was wrong. Theme of Downtown Bistro decor is American Classic. It looks like from dark color of tables and chairs they use and tile desain which is rarely to see. Its bring back us to this ambient really bring back us to classic era in 1950's.

Actually outside area are nice but it is not going to be nice if I have to join with smoker. They have front pouch with many sofa and many tables and chairs outside. It is nice to be hangout and chit chat until midnight with you friends.


Downtown Bistro served international food. From breakfast, appetizer, salad, sandwiches or burger, main course and many more. For beverage, they have many choices, from coffee, tea, chocolate, tea based, beer, and many more. 

For drink we agreed to ordered ice lychee tea.

Ice Lychee Tea Rp. 20,000,-

For drink both of us agreed to ordered ice lychee tea. It looks different with another lychee tea I usually order in the other resto. They make this ice lychee tea with shaker so it is bubbly on top, and they use seeds basil. It is so fresh and sweet.
Quesadilla Wrap Rp. 47,000,-

For appetizer, we ordered Quesadilla Wrap. It comes with sautee chicken, pinapple relish, green paprika, barbeque sauce and melted cheese. It taste so-so the tortilla is not crunchy and they don't give us the dipping, so it is kinda weird.

George Sandwich Rp. 63,000,-

My main course is The George Sandwich. I asked them not to over cooked the bread, so it comes with light color bread. The George Sandwich comes with seared skilled beef patty, caramelised onion with double cheese and homemade sauce from Downtown Bistro, served with pommes fritters and vegetable slaw. Sandwich taste really good, the beef patty is really juicy and really yummy with double cheese. The pommes fritters really crunchy and the vegetable slaw really fresh.

Escargot Linguine Pesto Rp.63,000,-

It is Vina's dish. Escargot Linguine Pesto is linguine served with pesto sauce, escargot, dry chili, sundried tomato and parmesan cheese, served with toast parmesan bread. It looks really green. She said the herbs of pesto sauce really strong, so if you didn't like herbs, you might be dislike this. But the escargot really soft and chewy and not fishy at all.

Mother Vessel Rp. 57,000,-

It is Anitya's dish. Mother Vessel is pan fried dorry fillet with fried fries and fresh vegetables. The fried dorry is cruncy outside and juicy inside. It taste great for people who loves dory fish I think you have to try this.

The George Pie Rp. 40,000,-

Our dessert is George Pie. It is signature apple pie served with vanilla ice cream. It comes with warm temperature of apple pie and vanilla ice cream, so there are hot and cold dessert. It taste so good. I don't really like apple pie, but George Pie is really nice. The apple pie crust is crack nicely and tasty. Apple pie filling is baked apple with caramel sauce, powdered sugar, and  cinnamon. It is my favorite apple pie so far.

For all, I am really satisfied with my dining experience here. I would love to back again to try their breakfast menu. But their operational hours should be adjust for weekend, because they open on 4pm in saturday and close in sunday.

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Downtown Bistro
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 1
Landmark Building Ground Floor
Tel : 0821 1000 3000

Operational Hour:
Monday - Friday 7am - 11pm
Saturday 4pm - closed
Sunday closed

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