Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bakmi Aluk

Couple weeks ago after went to Orkid Studio my mom asked me to try chicken noodle in the left side of Orkid Studio. It called Bakmi Aluk. In the right side of Orkid Studio, there is pioneer of Bakmi Aluk who is Bakmi Alok. As I know the owner of Bakmi Aluk worked at Bakmi Alok then he out of work and try to make the exactly sama noodle like Bakmi Alok. I know its little bit weird when your ex employee out of company and make the exactly same food. I really curious what it looks like, is that same or different with the pionerr, check this out!

Don't imagine they have nice place, they have simple dining area, with no air conditioner and only tables and plastic chair. It looks like the other street food, which is sometimes doesn't care with the ambient they want to offer to the customer. I came not in meal time so only me and one man ate there. We ordered chicken noodle and dumpling we called it swikiauw. It comes so quick in out table.

Chicken noodle comes with chicken chop on top, you could choose what chicken part you want to put in your noodle. Either it is breast, tigh, etc, you could asked them. It looks like the same like Bakmi Alok, but it taste totally different. It is tasteless noodle.

Bakmi Alok
When dumplings comes to my table, it looks nice, but once again I have to put some soy sauce to make this dumpling taste better


In my opinion, I think I prefer Bakmi Alok is not only it is a pioneer of bakmi alot style, but also they served me better quality and better taste is than Bakmi Aluk. The price between Bakmi Aluk and Bakmi Alok are same, but once again taste prove who is better who is worse.

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Bakmi Aluk
In the right side of Orkid Studio
Tel : (021) - 634 2175

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