Friday, 17 May 2013

Pink Series for Mothers Day by Calais

To celebrate mother's day in May, Calais present Pink Series a series of bubble tea consists of 4 variants. There are Strawberry Milk Tea, Watermelon Milk Tea, Strawberry Blush Smoothies and Sourberry Smoothies. All that series has pink colour, as representation of women. Ingredients of pink series are strawberry and watermelon. Pink Series only available until the end of july, so it is very limited time to join Pink Series.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Djournal Coffee

Djournal Coffee is new coffee shop in town. Just open some coffee shop in this year, doesn't mean that Djournal Coffee doesn't have any experience to served great coffee. They have a unique ways to served coffee. If you are coffee lover, might be you will be understand there are many filters use to make great after taste coffee and aroma. But as I am not really into coffee, but at least I drink coffee once a week, I really happy that I have anymore choice to enjoy my time with a cup of tea.

Djournal Coffee is one of store under Ismaya Group. Ismaya Group is one of the biggest group in Food and Beverage in Indonesia. They build their own brand and create value of their brand. It is because Djournal Coffee under Ismaya Group, they have nice ambient and nice place to hang out, also they make you curious what they have in Djournal Coffee, it makes you have a reason to visit them.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Contemporary French Dessert : Garcon Bistro Bar Patisserie

After tired had window shopping in Senayan City and we crossed to Plaza Senayan, we thought we need to took time to had another chit chat and to straighten our leg muscle by sat in Garcon. My friend Octa said Garcon is famous with their dessert, so I kinda curious that what is Garcon speciality look like. When I walked in, they served so many yummy dessert til I have to finger licking because they have so many pretty and cute dessert to tried. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

White European Asparagus Affair by Scusa - Intercontinental Jakarta

In the middle of April til June, it is asparagus season especially white asparagus. We are Indonesian people known white asparagus is only the one which is available in can. Actually, white asparagus is available in fresh condition like the others vegetable. To celebrate asparagus season, InterContinental Jakarta served this special season in delight palate for lunch or dinner in Scusa and Bacchus. 

As we know Scusa is one of the best western restaurant in Jakarta, especially in this special season Chef Gary Palm as Excecutive Chef and Chef Wawan Barito as Chef De Cuisine of Sucesa created special menu using white asparagus ingredients, such as creamy white asparagus soup with parmigiano reggiano fritters, white asparagus risotto with pramesan and truffle scented, beef tenderloin with melted gorgonzola, grilled white asparagus, creamy baked potatoes and tarragon bearnaise sauce. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Hong Tang

I'm kind of person who sometimes eat food start from appetiser, main course and dessert. Maybe I could skip the appetiser but I don't think so I could skip dessert because I am sweet tooth. Since I have sugar craving more than savoury craving, long time I heard yummy Taiwanese dessert called Sweet Poetry from Anak Jajan. But unfortunately I don't really familiar with Muara Karang area, until Sweet Poetry change their brand name become Hong Tang and open their store in PIK, so couple of weeks ago I went there. Before I went to Hong Tang, I don't have any idea what is Taiwanese dessert look like, til I come there and taste it, I really love it so much.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pan Ya

How doesn't like cake and bread? I have one of my favourite bakery called Pan Ya. Comes from Okoyama, Japan. They served natural and healthy bread. Beside that they also have  unique, yummy and special than other bakery. So let me share to you, why I love them.Since so many bakery in Jakarta, they are compete with the others, trying to show how good they are served bread and cake. They want to take our attention by their food display, so it looks really tempting. But Pan Ya comes with traditional with Japanese style of bread. They successfully make me back again and again to their store. 


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