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White European Asparagus Affair by Scusa - Intercontinental Jakarta

In the middle of April til June, it is asparagus season especially white asparagus. We are Indonesian people known white asparagus is only the one which is available in can. Actually, white asparagus is available in fresh condition like the others vegetable. To celebrate asparagus season, InterContinental Jakarta served this special season in delight palate for lunch or dinner in Scusa and Bacchus. 

As we know Scusa is one of the best western restaurant in Jakarta, especially in this special season Chef Gary Palm as Excecutive Chef and Chef Wawan Barito as Chef De Cuisine of Sucesa created special menu using white asparagus ingredients, such as creamy white asparagus soup with parmigiano reggiano fritters, white asparagus risotto with pramesan and truffle scented, beef tenderloin with melted gorgonzola, grilled white asparagus, creamy baked potatoes and tarragon bearnaise sauce. 

For me, this is my first time enjoy Scusa in InterContinental Jakarta, I feel Scusa quite welcoming working people like me. When I walked out to Scusa I feel relax and wanna spend little time of my busy day here to lounging or just have a drink. They have many several area to enjoy food in Scusa. There are bar to chill out with friends or college also table and private area, for private meeting or just special event.

As drink, Scusa has favourite drink from mocktail section, there is fantasia. Fantasia comes with orange, lychee, mango, grenadine syrup. It looks really fun and fresh when it comes in my table. Beside Fantasia, we ordered Shirley Temple, it comes with lime, grenadine syrup and soda. It is great too, especially who loves soda.

Fantasia - Shirley Temple
Before we started our white asparagus dish, we served with Walnut Bread with Feta Cheese. It is condiment special from Scusa. It taste really good, and you could dip your bread to olive sauce. It tasty and yummy also unique. 

Then we started from appetiser. It is White Asparagus with fried egg, parmesan, black truffle, and rosemary butter sauce. It is so creamy and yummy also the white asparagus is fresh. This is my first time to taste fresh white asparagus. 

White Asparagus with fried egg, parmesan, black truffle, and rosemary butter sauce

Then we continue to White Asparagus Soup comes with Parmigiano Reggiano fritters. It is still creamy like our first appetiser, but it warmed my stomach and they served with parmigiano reggiano cheese, which is shape into ball. That cheese ball reminds me of chiki ball which is yummy and tasty. Topped with olive oil, make this soup smells good. 

White Asparagus Soup comes with Parmigiano Reggiano fritters

As main course, they serve white asparagus with beef tenderloin, creamed potatoes, gorgonzola and bearnaise sauce. I request for medium well for my beef tenderloin. It comes really great. I love my beef tenderloin more over they served it with bearnaise sauce, it is so tasty and yummy. Combine with white asparagus which is fresh and light, it is balancing the dish. Don't forget to creamed potato it is matching with the beef and white asparagus.

Beef Tenderloin, Creamed Potatoes, Gorgonzola and Bearnaise Sauce

As additional side dish, we've got some white asparagus risotto with parmesan and truffle oil and fried asparagus. It is nice risotto and fried white asparagus is kind of unique because it is so crunchy and yummy.

White Asparagus Risotto with parmesan and truffle - Fried White Asparagus

As dessert, we had warmed melted chocolate cake with rum raisin ice cream. Even this dessert doesn't have any connection with white asparagus, but it is really good to have dessert like this. Warmed chocolate cake usually from dark chocolate, but Chef Wawan make a little twist with warmed melted chocolate using white chocolate. It is great combination of warmed melted chocolate and ice cream. It is melted in my mouth 

Warmed Melted Chocolate Cake with Rum Raisin Ice Cream

For all, I really enjoy White Asparagus Affair in InterContinental, which is really nice light and unique. Since White Asparagus season are limited only 3 months, so if you are kinda curious what is White Asparagus taste like and what Scusa will make for this special season, come to Scusa, price starts from Rp. 105,000,- to Rp. 145,000,- per portion.

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