Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Experience of M-Cafe

Are you an ice cream or chocolate lovers? If the answer is yes, you have to know about the golden secret of an ice cream and chocolate lovers. It’s M-Café guys.You have to know about this amazing café. Firstly, I’d like to explain you all about what is M-Café.I’d send you to the past two years. It was the time when Magnum launched their first café known as Magnum Café in 2011.They brought you to the Royal Family sensation. You would be called by ‘My Lord and My Lady’with some food named lord and lady. They have been successfully brought a Royal Family experienced to Magnum Café. Now, Magnum ice cream has a new innovation of serving Magnum ice cream with more modern, fancy, and sophisticated way. Yeah,that is M-Café.

M-Cafe was launched in July, 2012. They called themselves as House of Chocolate since they brought chocolate experience for the pleasure seekers. When I stepped into M-Cafe. Iwas very impressive. I was greeted by Magnum Corner and giant Magnum ice cream in front of cafe. Then I went closer to the inside, I saw 3 dioramas that Magnum had. The first diorama was told about Magnum Gold, a new variant of Magnum. The seconds one was told about the Magnum Creation that you could have it in M-Cafe. And the last one was told about merchandise of Magnum that you could get in Magnum Store. Then I stepped my foot into their kitchen station. It was surrounded by the history 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Otak-Otak si Dia

Otak Otak si Dia Rp. 4,000,-

Otak-Otak si Dia is one of Otak-Otak producer in Jakarta.Otak-Otak si Dia still offered one of traditional food from Indonesia, which is yummy, tasty and without any preservatives. It is so fresh, because they make new Otak-Otak everyday. Same like the other Otak-Otak, Otak Otak si Dia made from mackerel fish which is high nutrition. I love Otak Otak si Dia because it is not fishy at all, but the fish flavour really strong on it.


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