Saturday, 1 December 2012

Otak-Otak si Dia

Otak Otak si Dia Rp. 4,000,-

Otak-Otak si Dia is one of Otak-Otak producer in Jakarta.Otak-Otak si Dia still offered one of traditional food from Indonesia, which is yummy, tasty and without any preservatives. It is so fresh, because they make new Otak-Otak everyday. Same like the other Otak-Otak, Otak Otak si Dia made from mackerel fish which is high nutrition. I love Otak Otak si Dia because it is not fishy at all, but the fish flavour really strong on it.

Otak Otak si Dia very safe, because it is oil free and it is easy to safe. You don't have to worry your cholesterol. For save this Otak-Otak, you need to put them in refrigerator, and if you want to eat in warm temperature you only have to warm it in toaster or in the pan. 

Otak Otak si Dia would be nice for gift especially christmas and new year are getting closer. It would be nice to gift someone you love to try this traditional food from Indonesia. As packaging, Otak-Otak si Dia has nice packaging, you could choose woven plait with many colour choices. But for Christmas they have special packaging. So what are you waiting for, you only have to place your order here, so you could get this traditional food in your home, office or collages. 

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Otak Otak si Dia
Tel : 021 26 170 180

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