Monday, 30 April 2012

Chinesse Food In Lembang

In Lembang I have to favorite place to eat Chinese food. Even it is not the best Chinese food I ever taste, but I worth to try, when you visit Lembang

First is Rumah Makan Mandarin, since the name is mandarin you will know they are served chinesse food. The location of Rumah Makan Mandarin is end of the road jl raya lembang, so it is so easy to get them. They served so many delicious Chinese food, like i fu mie, kangkung cah hot plate and etc. 

This time I ordered

I Fu Mie

Fried Noodle

Chicken Steak

Cap Cay

Sweet Sour Carp (Gurame Asam Manis)

Tofu Sapo

Shrimp Lumpia

All of the food is yummy. My favorite is water spinach but since my grandma cannot eat water spinach so we didn't order that. Then it worth to try shrimp lumpia, i fu mie, and their chicken steak. It is so delicious. 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Roti Bakar Asli 234 Bandung

Roti Bakar Campur Rp.24,000,-
Roti Bakar Kacang Cokelat Rp.25,000,-

Roti Bakar 234 is my mom favourite. They looks same with another roti bakar, wait a minute. They are really different. Usually you could find roti bakar is only sell the topping which is mass production and you could make it easily, but in this place. They make everything homemade. From the bread, the chocolate, peanut butter, also the jam. They made by them self. Also they have 3 type of bread, but my favorite is Roti Bakar Spesial like this. Also my favorite filling is peanut with chocolate or mix. 

So, it really worth to try if you visit Bandung, or for the bread lover

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Roti Bakar 234
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Gang Kote

Friday, 27 April 2012

Gardu Jati Hawker Food Bandung

Gardu Jati Street, who doesn't know it. This street is full of food, also famous with Hotel Trio. This street has many kind of food, start from snack until main course, you only have to picked, but be careful. Not all food is delicious, so I will suggest you the best place to buy delicious food

First is warna warni ronde, this is not like hawker food who sell wedang ronde, the specialities bandung's food. They are in the building and the place is comfy with many chair and table. Warna Warni Ronde is little bit different with others wedang ronde, coz they served the wedang ronde soup with soy milk. Also if you don't like soy milk, you could try the wedang ronde with white sugar soup. Both of them is delicious.

Wedang Ronde with soy milk soup Rp.16,275,-
Wedang Ronde with white sugar Rp.12,600,-

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bubur Sop Lawanggada Cirebon

Bubur Sop 1 Portion Rp.7,000,-
Bubur Sop Half Portion Rp.5,000,-

Bubur Sop is reminds me when I was a kid and my home was renovated, I stay couple weeks in Cirebon. Every dinner time me and my sister always find something to warm my tummy. This visit is bring back many memory. When I was a kid the owner is old grandpa which is take care this stall by his self, I really pity with that. Now, the owner of this bubur sop is his son and daughter.

Manisan Taci Kembar Cirebon

Manisan Taci Kembar is new things for me, because usually I buy mango as gift at Sinta in Pasar Kanoman. But my dad want to try something new, so we visited here. Before I entered the home as shop you will shown how the manisan mangga made. They dry the mango traditionally with solar. Also many people cut the mango, wash the mango. It is quite interesting, so you could see how they made the manisan.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rumah Makan Lesehan Alinda Cirebon

Rumah Makan Lesehan Alinda is my dad's favourite place in Cirebon. Everytime he goes to Cirebon, he always try to reach this place. Rumah Makan Lesehan Alinda is carp resto, so many cook style of gurame aka carp you can find it here. But my dad's have their gurame cook style favorite. They have lesehan also if you bring your grandma, better you eat in table and chair so they are easily to get up.

Mie Colot Cirebon

Mie Colot is one of yummiest food in Cirebon, Every time I visit Cirebon, I always visit Mie Colot. Also since my favourite noodle place open in brunch time, so sometime I breakfast with rice and lunch with noodle,  It is little bit weird. In Jakarta, people start their breakfast with noodle and lunch with rice. But it is not a big deal.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Mie Koclok Mang Sam Cirebon

Mie Koclok Mang Sam is my favorite place to eat mie koclok. Mie Koclok is made by noodle and dressing with combination of chicken stalk, flour and coconut milk. Also they combine with egg, bean sprout and friend onion on top. Even it looks easy to make by ur self, but I do prefer eat in Mie Mangsam.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Swike Ciledug Cirebon

Who loves swike, not everyone want to eat swike or you can call them as frog. But even it is little bit nasty, they are really delicious. In Cirebon there is so many large field as a farm or just a wet place as habitat of frog, so many rumah makan here served kodok or swike. I visited them in lunch time, but it was rainy day so I think no one came there especially me and my fam. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Kedai Gentong Ice Cream

Kedai Gentong Ice Cream isn't newbie in ice cream industry, but I just have a chance to eat Kedai Gentong Ice Cream in Living World. Before that my friends Bella ever told me about Kedai Gentong Ice Cream, she said it was delicious ice cream, and I had to try them. Finally that chance to try them is come. Since their name is ice cream gentong, they put the ice cream into gentong, even I check it the ice cream put in another plastic basket.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lau's Kopitiam Puri Indah

Basicly I am not into Kopitiam so much, I am prefer with coffee stall like starbucks, etc. In Puri Indah Mall, my nearest mall from my home. Lau's Kopitiam has been opening many months ago. So I am wanna try what special they have.

Like another kopitiam, they are mainly served coffee and tea also some snack to accompany the drink. In Lau's Kopitiam they also served main course like kwetiauw, sapo tahu, etc. But since I came there in snack time so I ordered their coffee and my sister ordered ice milo. For accompany my teh susu, I ordered Kaya Pandan Toast.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Chocolate bread and Roti Ayam Baso @ Rp.6,000,-

Henis is one of my favorite mini bread. Henis is popular between Chinese people who love bread and chicken. So am I, I love Henis too because of the their roti baso ayam which is super duper delicious. The bread texture is smooth, and the bread is thin but the chicken is full so when you eat Henis, mostly you could feel the chicken not the bread. Beside that, Henis is not only selling roti ayam baso. They sell cheese, chocolate, chocolate chesse etc. So if you vegetarian, you could taste Henis too.

In fact, Henis main store in Mangga Besar street, but since last week I was shopped in ITC Mangga Dua so I bought Henis in ITC Mangga Dua. Also in their main store they not only sell the bread, also they served food and beverage. I never try their food but it seems the bread is delicious, most likely their food and beverage is great too. 

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Roti Henis
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No.2F
ITC Mangga Dua Lt 2 blok A No.70 & Lt 4 Blok D No.48A

Kamikaze Karaage Grand Indonesia

Nowadays, Jakarta full of yummy food also full of many kinds of crunchy chicken with their special sauce like Kamikaze. Kamikaze has cute chicken logo, which is the chicken shape is triangle. But it is not why I am visited them. I am really want to know, is Kamikaze really delicious? 

Since this is my first time visited Kamikaze, I am so love their interior, they have many sofa but it is limited and the sofa is like coop, but it is cute. Also they dominant colour is red, so eye catching from outside. Then the cashier is in front of the Kamikaze, so before you take a seat you could ordered first then you could find the seat.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dominos Carefour Puri Indah

Dominos, who doesn't know Dominos. Dominos famous because their delivery concept pizza. But if you likely to eat pizza not delivery or eat in their place, it is great too. They have a comfy place to hang out with eat pizza, but it is too simple for being pizza resto.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Food Testing Bon Chon Chicken

Last Saturday, Bon Chon Invited me to their food tasting. They invited me and my fellow food blogger to tasted their new menu. Now, beside Bon Chon Chicken they have Bon Chon Bites, Chicken Wrap, Spicy Chicken Wrap and Mocha Mochi Ice Cream also Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream.

Since this is my first food taste, I am so much excited with Bon Chon food tasting. I really glad too that I finally meet directly with my fellow food blogger such as Icha, Julia, Octa, Oki, Niya etc. Also I met with Social Media Manager mas Rizal who invited me to this event.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gelare Px Pavilion

Gelare is one of most wanted ice cream in Jakarta. Since they are really famous with their ice cream with waffle, so it makes me interesting to tried them.

For my first visit in Gelare, I am little bit confused with their menu, I thought their pancake price is include with ice cream, but the truth the price the shown is not include with the ice cream. So for this visit, I tried sundae with waffle. I am so in love with their waffle. It is so nice and crunchy but not to hard to bite. Vina's ice cream only single scoop ice cream. The shape of their scoop is unique, since I usually look an ice cream scoop is round or like a ball, but in Gelare they make their scoop flat in the top, so cute. Then something that I think they should serve free is a glass of water. After eat ice cream sometimes your throat feel like clean with water, so they didn't serve me that. But for all gelare is nice.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner (BLD) Px Pavillion

BLD is new cool place in PX Pavillion. Since my home so near with Puri, so me with Vina and Tya tried this new good place. Before I came to BLD, I searched first their menu, and I found something interesting with their menu. If you possibly could eat pork, here the place that serve so many kinds of pork with new style which is western style. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Haagen Dazs Creation

Haagen Dazs, who doesn't know haagen dazs as an ice cream lover, I am in love with this brand. Especially for this visit. I hear that they have many promotion. The best promotion they offer are buy one get one ice cream creation with BCA credit card. Who don't mouth watering. So am I with my friends. Before we went watched Battleship in Grand Indonesia, we visited Haagen Dazs for our snack time.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Fat Burger Plaza Indonesia

Fat Burger is one of famous burger in Jakarta. This is my first time ate in Fat Burger, I never ate there before. So many people said Fat Burger is delicious burger, so I am excited to try Fat Burger with disdus voucher, that I bought last month. 

Fat Burger ambient so colourful with red colour dominant in their outlet. It is so eye catching and increase you mood to eat. Then it like the other fast food outlet, you have to come to their cashier to order your food and beverage. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Manon Kelapa Gading

Since this place really famous with their sweet things, and so famous between Kelapa Gading people. I am so excited to go there. After long time I schedule to go there canceled, finally I've got there. So I am super excited about that. Before go there, I told Bella I would bought so many macaroon. And here we are bought many macaroon, red velvet cake, etc. 


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