Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kamikaze Karaage Grand Indonesia

Nowadays, Jakarta full of yummy food also full of many kinds of crunchy chicken with their special sauce like Kamikaze. Kamikaze has cute chicken logo, which is the chicken shape is triangle. But it is not why I am visited them. I am really want to know, is Kamikaze really delicious? 

Since this is my first time visited Kamikaze, I am so love their interior, they have many sofa but it is limited and the sofa is like coop, but it is cute. Also they dominant colour is red, so eye catching from outside. Then the cashier is in front of the Kamikaze, so before you take a seat you could ordered first then you could find the seat.


Cold Ocha Rp.10,000,-

Tebasaki Moriwase Rp.35,454,-

Here it is, Kamikaze, and so many people said their chicken is delicious, also you can combine it with gohan (rice) and 2 side dish. Their speciality are tebasaki and karage. Tebasaki is chicken with bone, and karage is chicken without bone or boneless. So I am tried their tebasaki with kimchi salad and gyoza. For the chicken I like it is so crunchy and the sauce that I picked was original sauce. The sauce is delicious too. Then the kimchi salad, I was craving for kimchi and in my imagination, I would get kimchi like usual, but it is oke with that. I love their kimchi salad. Also the gyoza, I think I need more gyoza since they only served 1 piece of gyoza, it is yummy too.

Then for the ice ocha, I am so surprised their ocha is too green for me, but it is nice.  I like everything in Kamikaze, I might be come back to try their karage and their sauce.

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Kamikaze Karaage
Grand Indonesia Unit FD 1-07, Jakarta Indonesia 10210
Tel: (021) 2358 1878

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