Friday, 27 April 2012

Gardu Jati Hawker Food Bandung

Gardu Jati Street, who doesn't know it. This street is full of food, also famous with Hotel Trio. This street has many kind of food, start from snack until main course, you only have to picked, but be careful. Not all food is delicious, so I will suggest you the best place to buy delicious food

First is warna warni ronde, this is not like hawker food who sell wedang ronde, the specialities bandung's food. They are in the building and the place is comfy with many chair and table. Warna Warni Ronde is little bit different with others wedang ronde, coz they served the wedang ronde soup with soy milk. Also if you don't like soy milk, you could try the wedang ronde with white sugar soup. Both of them is delicious.

Wedang Ronde with soy milk soup Rp.16,275,-
Wedang Ronde with white sugar Rp.12,600,-

Then kuo tie, maybe most of you know kuo tie. They are available in Jakarta too, but you are wanna try Bandung's style kuo tie, you could try the  kuo tie  in front of  Warna Warni Ronde. In fact there are two stall who sell  kuo tie , but I prefer in front of the Warna Warni Ronde. It is more meat also less vegetable. The combination of  kuo tie  dipping is more delicious.

Kuo Tie @ Rp.2,500,-

The last is main course. My dad is big fans of swike so he was came to Bandung and ate swike again, but the swike is delicious also cheap. This Swike Linggar Jati is in the corner of street, they have big signage so it is easy find them. Fried swike doesn't have so much different with my last visit in Swike Ciledug in Cirebon, but it worth to try. Soup swike I like the soup full of season also you could taste the tauco. It is so strong taste of tauce. Then the sweet sour swike, this is my favorite even the name is sweet sour but I know they used england soy sauce. I could feel it so well, and this is super delicious, you have to try

Swike Goreng Tepung (Fried Swike) Rp.22,000,-

Swike Kuah (Soup Swike) Rp.22,000,-

Swike Asam Manis (Swike Sweet Sour) Rp.22,000,-

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