Monday, 30 April 2012

Chinesse Food In Lembang

In Lembang I have to favorite place to eat Chinese food. Even it is not the best Chinese food I ever taste, but I worth to try, when you visit Lembang

First is Rumah Makan Mandarin, since the name is mandarin you will know they are served chinesse food. The location of Rumah Makan Mandarin is end of the road jl raya lembang, so it is so easy to get them. They served so many delicious Chinese food, like i fu mie, kangkung cah hot plate and etc. 

This time I ordered

I Fu Mie

Fried Noodle

Chicken Steak

Cap Cay

Sweet Sour Carp (Gurame Asam Manis)

Tofu Sapo

Shrimp Lumpia

All of the food is yummy. My favorite is water spinach but since my grandma cannot eat water spinach so we didn't order that. Then it worth to try shrimp lumpia, i fu mie, and their chicken steak. It is so delicious. 

Before I usually eat in Rumah Makan Mandarin, my dad's Chinese favorite resto is Rumah Makan Lembang. Since I was a little girl I usually eat there, but since I ate the Rumah Makan Mandarin in dinner, so I decided to eat Rumah Makan Lembang as breakfast.

Rumah Makan Lembang served Chinese food too, but if you want to eat breakfast here, they have many kinds of noodle, bihun, and kwetiauw. So you just have to pick which one you want.

In this visit in Rumah Makan Lembang, I ordered salty yamien and sweet yamien. Beside yamien, they served chicken noodle too. I am curious what is the different between yamien and chicken noodle. But my mom always recomend me to order their yamien, not their chicken noodle.

Salty Yamien 

Sweet Yamien

In my opion, every people have their style, my dad like Rumah Makan Lembang, but my grandma like Rumah Makan Mandarin, so it is up to you to pick which resto being your favorite. For me both of them are nice, I like it.

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Rumah Makan Mandarin
Jl. Raya Lembang

Rumah Makan Lembang
Jl. Raya Lembang no. 233
Tel: (022) 278 6087


  1. lumpia udang sama chicken steaknya keliatannya enaaaaak :9

    1. @Vina: Iya emang enak, walaupun kalo dibandingkan sama makanan di Jakarta kalah sih, cuman enaklah untuk ukuran lembang haha



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