Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bubur Sop Lawanggada Cirebon

Bubur Sop 1 Portion Rp.7,000,-
Bubur Sop Half Portion Rp.5,000,-

Bubur Sop is reminds me when I was a kid and my home was renovated, I stay couple weeks in Cirebon. Every dinner time me and my sister always find something to warm my tummy. This visit is bring back many memory. When I was a kid the owner is old grandpa which is take care this stall by his self, I really pity with that. Now, the owner of this bubur sop is his son and daughter.

Since the name is bubur sop, so it is mix between porridge and soup. The porridge is solid like a rice and the soup is contain chicken stalk, tomato, potato, chicken, sohun, their special seasoning and soy sauce. It is so yummy also cheap as your dinner. The stall is easy to look. It is near the railway and the stall is signage with big banner and writ "Bubur Sop Ayam Bubur Ayam"

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Bubur Ayam Sop
Jl. Lawangada near the railway

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