Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lau's Kopitiam Puri Indah

Basicly I am not into Kopitiam so much, I am prefer with coffee stall like starbucks, etc. In Puri Indah Mall, my nearest mall from my home. Lau's Kopitiam has been opening many months ago. So I am wanna try what special they have.

Like another kopitiam, they are mainly served coffee and tea also some snack to accompany the drink. In Lau's Kopitiam they also served main course like kwetiauw, sapo tahu, etc. But since I came there in snack time so I ordered their coffee and my sister ordered ice milo. For accompany my teh susu, I ordered Kaya Pandan Toast.

Ice Milo Rp.16.521,-

Hot Milk tea Rp.11,304,-

Kaya Pandan Medium Rp.19,130,-

For my teh susu, I don't really like it so much, the tea is too bold for my tongue and the milk is less than I expect. For my sister drinks, she likes it like usual. For the toast, I feel the kaya toast is same like another kopitiam. I don't feel any they served the best kaya toast.

Even, I think I don't really satisfaid in this visit, I wanna try their main course. Many people when I visited there ate kwetiauw siram also sapo tahu. Next time, maybe I could come to try their main course.

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Lau's Kopitiam
Puri Indah Mall GF#72

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