Friday, 13 April 2012

Fat Burger Plaza Indonesia

Fat Burger is one of famous burger in Jakarta. This is my first time ate in Fat Burger, I never ate there before. So many people said Fat Burger is delicious burger, so I am excited to try Fat Burger with disdus voucher, that I bought last month. 

Fat Burger ambient so colourful with red colour dominant in their outlet. It is so eye catching and increase you mood to eat. Then it like the other fast food outlet, you have to come to their cashier to order your food and beverage. 

Ice Lemon Tea Rp.10,000,-

For this visit, I ordered fat burger single as voucher disdus I bought, then I add cheese as topping and for beverages, I ordered ice lemon tea. In my opinion, fat burger has delicious meat, it is so juicy so it feels like the meat melt in your mouth, then the vegetable so fresh to. I like the burger. But if I may suggest, maybe Fat Burger needs more seasoning for the meat. Then ice lemon tea is good as usual. Beside that my experience in Fat Burger is great, I would come again next time.

Single Fat Burger Rp.20,000,- *with disdus voucher

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Fat Burger 
Plaza Indonesia-Jakarta
5th Floor
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: (021) 310 7584
Open: Sun-Sat 10am-10pm

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