Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mie Colot Cirebon

Mie Colot is one of yummiest food in Cirebon, Every time I visit Cirebon, I always visit Mie Colot. Also since my favourite noodle place open in brunch time, so sometime I breakfast with rice and lunch with noodle,  It is little bit weird. In Jakarta, people start their breakfast with noodle and lunch with rice. But it is not a big deal.

Even though they open too late, but trust me you will give space for this noodle. All ingredients in this noodle place is homemade, from the noodle until the dumpling. It sound not special, but in Cirebon they are really special. Then in outside Jakarta also sometime in Jakarta, many noodle place served yamien but I think yamien and mie ayam is the same. Why? Because you could request your yamien salty not sweet like usual. In this place they served yamien, you could order as salty or sweet. It depends your style. Then the uniqueness of eat here, if you order without say yamien polos, you will given yamien full package with meat ball, tofu and dumpling. So you have to double check your ordered. Also when you eat here, they served pickles, and the pickels is super yummy. You have to combine it with your noodle 

Fried Dumpling Rp.10,000,-
Mie Yamien Asin with Dumpling Rp.16,000,-
Hot Tea

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Mie Colot
Jl. Pekalangan
Tel: (0231) - 3326548


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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I visited urs too :) keep blogging



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