Monday, 16 April 2012

Food Testing Bon Chon Chicken

Last Saturday, Bon Chon Invited me to their food tasting. They invited me and my fellow food blogger to tasted their new menu. Now, beside Bon Chon Chicken they have Bon Chon Bites, Chicken Wrap, Spicy Chicken Wrap and Mocha Mochi Ice Cream also Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream.

Since this is my first food taste, I am so much excited with Bon Chon food tasting. I really glad too that I finally meet directly with my fellow food blogger such as Icha, Julia, Octa, Oki, Niya etc. Also I met with Social Media Manager mas Rizal who invited me to this event.

Before I invited in this food testing, I ever tasted Bon Chon before, you can check it in this post. But beside that, you have to know Bon Chon that I ever posted and Bon Chon in this food tasting is little bit different. The chicken taste is greater and in my opinion the chicken skin is smaller than my last visit in Bon Chon. Then I just realised Bon Chon chicken is not make me nausea even I ate a lot in this food testing. Why I was not nausea? Because Bon Chon chicken is process not to make the chicken taste inside the chicken, but they only brush it on the skin. Also every single piece of chicken is weighed as same as well to make sure that the fat in chicken is not too over fat. That's why the Bon Chon taste light but I will make you addicted.

Bon Chon menu

Ice Lemon Tea

Bon Chon Bites

Bon Chon Bites

Bon Chon Bites is one of their new menu. I am so happy they have small size of chicken to take it as snack. It likes chicken karage, and I think it is so yummy like the chicken. Also I think Bon Chon bites will be fit as the snack to take it while you watching movie.

Chicken Wrap

Spicy Chicken Wrap

Bulgogi Wrap

Then their new menu, it is so interesting. The bulgogi wrap is so yummy and there is so many vegetable, so it will make you healthier. Also the chicken wrap is nice too. For the spicy chicken wrap, if you are really like spicy it will be best spicy chicken wrap. Coz the spicy will kick your tongue.
Fried Fries

Also the fried fries, the fried fries so smooth, and lovely. But you have to put salt on it, because they don't give any seasoning on it.

Mix Original Chicken

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream and Mocha Mochi Ice Cream

The mochi ice cream, I ever tasted their vanilla mochi ice cream, and I love with that. The mochi skin is so skin, but the ice cream is not melted inside. It is so yummy and affordable. Try it and you will love it.

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Bon Chon Chicken
- Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
  Skybridge 5th Floor, Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 Jakarta 
  Tel: (021) - 2358 0009
- Living World
  Unit: G60 , G60T, G62
  Alam Sutra Boulevard Kav. 21, Alam Sutera Serpong
  Tel : (021) - 292 39545
- Supermal Karawaci
  Lippo Karawaci Coco Walk WTS- 10 - Tangerang  
  Tel : (021) - 542 20132
- Citywalk Sudirman 
  Ground Floor ,JL.KH Mas Mansyur, Jakarta           
  Tel : (021) - 2555 6629


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