Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Umi Sushi in 313 Orchard Road Singapore

In my last day in Singapore, I went to sushi outlet in 313 Orchard Road. Umi Sushi is sushi outlet in Singapore, they have many outlet also they served delivery sushi. They served many kind of sushi. But since me and my family still full, so we only have snack in Umi Sushi.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Takoyaki Galore in Singapore

Takoyaki is famous snack in Singapore. Coz I met one of takoyaki stall in every food court I visited except Lucky Plaza one. The other like Food Village, Food Opera and Food Republic, they have takoyaki stall. So I tried many of takoyaki in Singapore. Here's the summary. 

1. Tsukiji Gindaco Takoyaki 

Gindaco is located in ION Orchard Road in the same level with Food Opera. After I ate in Food Opera, I bought takoyaki in Gindaco. Gindaco has many kinds of takoyaki like teriyaki, original, and spicy. For the fillings, they have octopus, kani,  In this visit I bought their teriyaki gindaco takoyaki. The takoyaki texture is soft and juicy inside but the outside takoyaki texture is crunchy. Alo teriyaki takiyaki is topped with teriyaki sauce, so it taste incredible yummy. I really love this takoyaki. You have to tried this when you visited Ion Orchard Road. 

Takoyaki Octopus Filling Teriyaki $SGD 3,60 (4pieces)

Gindaco Takoyaki
2 Orchard Turn, #B4-64/65 ION Orchard, Singapore 
Tel:+65 6509 9038

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Food Court in Singapore

In Singapore, people usually eat in Food Court, so am I when I visited Singapore, mostly I ate in Food Court. In this post I want to tell you what Food Court that Singapore have, which has really yummy food.  

Food Opera

Food Opera is Food Court in Ion Orchard. Food Opera is managed by Food Republic, so the furniture and the interior of Food Opera is really nice. Beside Food Opera has great ambient, Food Opera also have delicious food. There are malaysian food, dim sum, fruit, chicken wings, rojak, hainam rice, etc. You could check out them if you are interest. 

In this visited, I ordered many kinds of food. Start from dim sum, rojak, popiah and chicken wings.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bubble Tea in Singapore

Bubble tea is one of hype stuff in Singapore. It looks like in Indonesia, many bubble tea brand present in Singapore, so last month when I visited Singapore. I hunted bubble tea in Singapore. Many bubble tea in Singapore but in this visit, I checked put only 4 brands of bubble tea. There are shared tea, gong cha, each cup and koi. 

1. Share Tea
QQ Happy Family Milk Tea M: 3,5 L: 5,00
Price Range: $SGD 2,4-6,3

You could get in: 
Wisma Atria #B1-45
Parkway Paeade #B1-21
North Point Shopping Center #B1-04
United Square #B1-40
International Plaza #01-04
Bugis Junction #B1-K21
Serangoon Central #03-K19
Anchorpoint Mall

Twitter : @HeavenlyTea_SG
Tel : +65 6743 8480
Email : info@sharetea.com.sg

In my opinion, QQ Happy Family Milk Tea consists of many toppings share tea have. The topping that added in QQ Happy Family Milk Tea are pearls, mini pearls, grass jelly, ice jelly, and red bean. But since I don't like red bean so I don't put on the bubble tea. For tea the flavor, I like it. It is strong but the combination between milk and tea is great. I just love it. 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fancy Delight in Singapore

Fancy Delight is one of many famous snack in Singapore. Fancy delight served egg tarts and cookies. They have many flavor of egg tarts. The sweet flavor they have chocolate, green tea, apple cinnamon, blueberry, banana, etc. Also the savory flavor mushroom chicken, curry chicken and pepper chicken. 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Once Upon A Milkshake Singapore

When I planning to go to Singapore. I put once upon a milkshake in my food list, but after I search them in google, their location is out of my itinerary, so I cross them from my food list. But surprise me, in Ion Orchard, I found them so without long thought I bought the milkshake. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

IKEA Singapore

Who doesn't know IKEA. IKEA is famous with their unique product such a living room furniture, kitchen stuff, also bedroom. So for my Singapore trip last month, I visited IKEA to check out their unique furniture, then after that I ate in their IKEA Food. Since I am curious with their meat balls, so I tried them.

In Singapore, there are two IKEA store, one in the Alexandra and one in the Tampines. So this visit, I visited their store in Alexandra. To reach them I take MRT and bus. If you are confused how to get there, you could check out here

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant Singapore

Palm Beach is established since 1954. Even they established since long time ago, but I've got chance to visited Palm Beach in one fullerton. The location was really make me and my big family want to eat there. It is picturesque of Singapore City Skyline, the Merlion and the water of Marina Bay. It looks perfect right to enjoy the dinner there. 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Ah Mei by Banquet Singapore

Ah Mei Cafe founded by Mr Alan Lee in Singapore. Ah Mei Cafe is franchise by Banquet Singapore, Banquet is not only franchise Ah Mei but also Bagus, Banquet and Banquet Singapore. In Jakarta Ah Mei have many outlet in Puri Indah Mall, Oakwood, and Pejaten Village. Ah Mei in Puri Indah Mall have 2 area, one indoor and the other outdoor. For this visit, I seated in indoor area, so it will be free smoker. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mr Curry : Japanese Curry and Sweet House

Mr Curry is one of Ismaya Group resto. Mr Curry is place of curry, since the name is Mr Curry so their speciality is curry. Also they have great interior design, I really love it. The interior concept is kitchen and dominant with light color of wood. 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gelare (Revisit)

Gelare is one of the best ice cream in Jakarta. Since Gelare also one of my favorite ice cream, so many times ago, disdus have Gelare voucher, so after I ate BLD with Vina I ate here to finish our dish with disdus. I ever ate here. Check it out here. I ate here without the voucher its great but little bit price in my opinion. So I use the disdus voucher to enjoy ice cream in gelare. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

BLD : Breakfast Lunch Dinner (Revisit)

Long time not see BLD, I ever visited BLD before you could read it in my blog post here. Since disdus had special promotion and voucher, so I decided to go back to BLD. BLD such a great place near my home, to cheat chat, meeting, also enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Last time I visited here they still less visitor, but now the visitor increase. Generally they have non smoking area in upstair and smoking area in downstair. But you could pick what area you want to seated. In this visit, I seated in their non smoking area. Last time I went here, I choose to seat in smoking area. Since they have a great view in smoking area. But now, I wanna try something new. Generally they have non smoking area in upstair and smoking area in downstair. 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tin Pan Alley (Revisit)

I visited Tin Pan Alley with Titik to had dinner. I used the disdus voucher and it was the last time to use the Tin Pan Alley with disdus voucher. Luckly I was booked in monday and they said it full booked, so I reschedule to tuesday, luckly there are still available seat for me and Titik. I booked in 6.30pm until 7.00pm, first I came there is less people but when the clock show 7.00pm the table is start full with people who ate dinner with or without the disdus voucher. In that evening, I also met Tisya my friends in Atma Jaya.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fook Me?! No! Fook Yew!

Fook Yew is one of unique resto concept present from Ismaya Group. It so unique interior since we are welcome with big cat. In chineese tradition this cat is believed he will be called the customer to come and eat in the resto who take him in the resto. It is feng shui things. Also this is one and only chinesse resto present from Ismaya, since the other resto is japanesse, and western cuisine so it will be nice to have another asian resto.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Coffee Time with Yuk Makan and Haagen Dazs


Haagen Dazs is famous with their ice cream, do you know they have coffee too? 

Yes they have coffee. Since they opened the store in Indonesia. Haagen dazs accompany their main product (ice cream) with coffee. So this food gathering held to let people know that Haagen Dazs have great coffee. Coz they are really famous with the ice cream, but there is less people know that Haagen Dazs has coffee.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Ninotchka New Place New Food

Ninotchka is cafe who run by famous fashion blogger Sonia Eryka and her brother Roy DC. Ninotchka have been move to new place since June 2012. I ever visited the old Ninotchka, you could check by click here. The new place is more fresh, more space also they have more table to accomodate the visitor. Also the new Ninotchka has many new things, many new cake, new ice cream flavour, new flavour of macaron, etc. Like usual, Ninotchka have many magazine many games, so you could take it in the box and after you read the magazine and you play the games, you have to back it by yourself. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Afternoon Bites with Din Tai Fung & Femina

Din Tai Fung founded in Taiwan,1958. Beside Indonesia Din Tai Fung also available in other country like Singapore, Hongkong, USA, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Australia. In Indonesia, Din Tai Fung founded in 2005 and the first outlet of Din Tai Fung is in Plaza Arcadia Senayan. Nowadays, Din Tai Fung have 6 outlets in Jakarta.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Island Creamery : Ice Cream Heaven

Island Creamery is symbolise what the brand said. I feel like in the land of creamery which is full of cake, ice cream, soda float, blended milkshake, also they have burger and coffee. Island Creamery is come from Singapore. In Indonesia their outlet is in Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera. They have two area. One in the outdoor area and the other one is indoor area. But since it is sunny hot day, so I picked to seated in indoor. I visited in brunch time, so I wanted to have sweet temptation. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aunty Anne : Pretzel Perfect

Auntie Anne Pretzel is one of my favorite snack in Puri Indah Mall. Since my home is so near with Puri Indah Mall, so I am very often coming here. Until one time, I want some sweet snack so I really miss the pretzel from Auntie Anne. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Bakerzin Central Park

Couple week ago I had a chance to meet up with my girl. And we are decided to use or voucher from Disdus So long time, we are not meeting each other. Kinda miss this moment so much. Long time ago we agreed to buy this voucher, many times canceled to meet up. Until finally we meet up again. 

Bakerzin is famous place, they have many food, pizza, pasta, cake, macaroon, steak, etc. For this visit, we have Disdus voucher so they have special menu for us. For our voucher we will get 4 maincourse + 4 dessert. For the choices, we could pick 4 of their main course. For dessert we have to have all their dessert. But for beverage it is not include the voucher, so we could pick our beverage up to us.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Harvest : Patissier and Chocolatier

The Harvest is patissier and chocolate place. The Harvest established in 2004, they became the first specialised European style pastry shop in Indonesia. Now they have many outlet in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. They many kinds of cake and pastries, chocolaties and pralines, ice cream, also bread, etc. The Harvest have style hotel in every single part of The Harvest start from the packaging, the presentation, the cake style, etc. 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Bakmi Alok

Bakmi Ayam Ahok is my favorite noodle place in Jakarta. Even though far from my home, but it is worth it to go that far, taste their bakmi and the ambient there. Long time not visit them, they have many different thing. Such as the noodle size. The last time I visited them the noodle size is big and this time, the make them small noodle size. It made me surprise. Also the price, maybe I could call them a pricey noodle if it is compare with the other noodle in Jakarta. But for noodle like Bakmi Ayam Alok, Bakmi Gang Kelinci, and Bakmi GM. It is not price also noodle they sell the quality. They sell number one quality. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Food Panda : Delivery to your door

Food panda is food online web, which is served hungry people. With just a few simple clicks, foodpanda helps you to easily order food over the internet. Steaming hot food is conveniently delivered to your home or your office. They have many food from unfamous until famous brand. They served from 10.00-21.00. So if you hungry now, why don't you open their website in www.foodpanda.co.id. They are not only present in Indonesia, but also they have many network in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and Columbia.

In this time, I had a chance to ordered their food. So, I will tell you step by step, how to ordered food panda.

First of all you have to open their website www.foodpanda.co.id.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Jakarta is full of yummy treat, especially many new bubble tea in Jakarta. It start hype, when cha time come to Jakarta, and they bring a true bubble tea. So everybody love them. Then many bubble tea attack Jakarta. One of them is Addictea. Since they are really newbie in bubble tea industry, they bring unique way to taste bubble tea. 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Maystar Central Park

After 4 years fighting to have SE degree behind my name. I finally got it At June 8, 2012. Finally I become Inez Fransisca Arifin SE. So happy to have them behind my name. So my family was celebrate my graduation. So we picked May Star.

May Star is one of my favorite dim sum place in Jakarta. They have many dim sum variant which some of them is unique also the taste is great. Then they also have chinese food. I usually eat their dim sum, but in this chance I ate their chinese food here. Some of people thought me that the chef in may star is from Hongkong, so it will bring the uniqueness of hongkong dim sum and chinese food here. 


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