Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Island Creamery : Ice Cream Heaven

Island Creamery is symbolise what the brand said. I feel like in the land of creamery which is full of cake, ice cream, soda float, blended milkshake, also they have burger and coffee. Island Creamery is come from Singapore. In Indonesia their outlet is in Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera. They have two area. One in the outdoor area and the other one is indoor area. But since it is sunny hot day, so I picked to seated in indoor. I visited in brunch time, so I wanted to have sweet temptation. 

This is my first time visited Island Creamery and I just got curious what I want to try. Too many tempting food, like the appetiser, the ice cream. Looks like really sure I wanna go back here as soon as possible, even I was not tried anything. 

Island Creamery Menu

They have many ice cream flavour but since red velvet is really hype so I decided to try their red velvet ice cream. Normally the red velvet form is cake, but Island Creamery make it to be ice cream, so innovative. But the ice cream red velvet taste is just so-so, nothing special with this red velvet ice cream, but Irene my little sister really like it. It don't taste any cream cheese and in my opinion they only mix the red velvet cake with cream and make into ice cream. So I prefer to taste the other ice cream flavour.

Red Velvet Ice Cream Rp.22,000,-

They also have two famous ice cream cake. First is mini mudpie and the second one is mini baked alaska ice cream. For this visit, I tried their mini baked alaska ice cream. Alaska ice cream is top very berry ice cream covered in a layer of meringue. It taste really great. I love the ver bery ice cream also the meringue make it perfect. Just love the Alaska ice cream so much.

 Mini Baked Alaska Ice Cream Cake Rp.35,000,-

For food, I ordered their mushroom muchies it is fried mushroom. The fried mushroom served quite long enough I waited til I was boring enough. But after they served it in my table. My sister, Irene love it, me too. It is crunchy outside and juicy inside. Also they served with mayonese. It is great combination. But this fried mushroom is not really special for me. 

Mushroom Muchies Rp.25,000,-

For take away, I ordered their red velvet choco ball it is red velvet rum ball. One pack of  red velvet choco ball   is contain 3 rum ball. The presentation is cute with love icing sugar, but it taste same like the ice cream. It taste so-so. Also I don't taste chocolate on it except their chocolate dipping. 

Red Velvet Choco Balls Rp.10,000,-

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Island Creamery
The Flavor Bliss Alam Sutra Kav. 11
Tel : (021) 2900 5040

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