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Bakerzin Central Park

Couple week ago I had a chance to meet up with my girl. And we are decided to use or voucher from Disdus So long time, we are not meeting each other. Kinda miss this moment so much. Long time ago we agreed to buy this voucher, many times canceled to meet up. Until finally we meet up again. 

Bakerzin is famous place, they have many food, pizza, pasta, cake, macaroon, steak, etc. For this visit, we have Disdus voucher so they have special menu for us. For our voucher we will get 4 maincourse + 4 dessert. For the choices, we could pick 4 of their main course. For dessert we have to have all their dessert. But for beverage it is not include the voucher, so we could pick our beverage up to us.

Bakerzin has two area, one indoor and the others is outdoor. It looks great because people who want to smoking won't botther people who doesn't want smoking. Also maybe people want to enjoy the outdoor ambient in Central Park. For this visit, we enjoyed seated indoor. Since Central Park when we were visited had activities in the outdoor area, so we won't get bother with them.

Bakerzin Indoor Area

Bakerzin Outdoor Area

Bakerzin Disdus Menu

Since in the voucher, we don't get any drink, so we decided to order their drink, they have many options of beverage, like coffee, tea, sparkling tea, etc. Also you could pick hot or cold beverage to accompany your food. 

For this visit we tried their ice tea and sparkling tea. For Agustina she ordered ice peach tea, Vina ordered passion fruit sparkling fruity tea and for me I ordered ice mango. 

Ice Peach Tea Rp.25,000,-

For the ice peach tea. It is so plain, so fruit on it, so it is not fresh tea, since they didn't put any fruit on it, they use extract peach tea. It taste great, the tea flavor is strong also the sweet level is good.

Passion fruit sparkling fruity tea Rp.27,500,-
Then the passion fruit sparkling fruity tea, it uses soda, so it will be fresh and the passion once again they used the passion fruit extract. The sweet level is good, not too sweet and not too rare. Also according Vina's opinion she likes her drink

Ice Mango Tea Rp. 25,000,-
For my drink it is ice mango tea. Same like Agustina one, but the different is only the fruit for ice tea flavour. I picked mango. They don't use fresh fruit also the tea is strong enough and the sweet level is great too. Love it. 

For the food, since we were used disdus voucher so we only have limited food to ordered. So Agustina ordered spicy tuna pasta, Anitya ordered djhon dory fillet, Vina ordered Bakerzin Gourmet Burger House and I ordered salmon steak with black olive pesto spaghetti. 

Spicy tuna pasta
For spicy tuna pasta, according Agustina opinon she said the spicy tuna pasta was not spicy enough, so she needed to added more chili sauce and chili powder on it. She likes the tuna pasta it tastes great. But the pasta even cook great but it is less spice, so Agustina had to added more parmesan cheese to improve the taste.  

Djohn Dory Fillet
Then Djohn Dory Fillet is Anitya's food. She likes the Djohn Dory Fillet, it fried dory fish, served with mayonnaise and salad. Also they don't forget to served a lemon to squeeze on top of the dory fish. So it will taste great. Anitya likes the djohn dorry, she said the fish is well cooked, it is crunchy and juicy. But for salad she doesn't like it, so she gave me to ate them. Also the sauce it great too. It is great combination with djohn dorry fish.

Bakerzin Gourmet Burger House
It is Vina's food. It is big stack of burger contains of tomato, lettuce, cheese, beef and served with mashed potato top with smoked beef. The beef is great, it is 3/4 done, so the beef texture is dry outside but the inside is great. The baked potato is not too great, it less spice so it needs more salt and pepper. Overall Vina like this food. 

Salmon steak with with black olive pesto spaghetti
For me, I ordered salmon steak with with black olive pesto spaghetti. It taste great, even I don't like olive but I ordered this because I am curious what it taste. The salmon is well cooked. It is juicy and little bit crunchy in the side. I love it the salmon steak. The portion of salmon is big enough for me and combine with spaghetti is well cooked. But the spaghetti taste is less salt, so I added parmesan cheese to improve the spaghetti taste. 

For dessert, we got all dessert that Bakerzin served to Disdus Voucher, so we got warm chocolate cake, banana pizza, vanilla profiteroles, and bailey's irish cream soufle. I am really excited with bailey's irish cream soufle, because it is me and Vina favorite dessert in Bakerzin. I have name for them, we called it "shaking" soufle. 

The first time that dessert served to us is Banana Pizza. It is patisserie which become pizza top with banana and cheese, so it looks like sweet pizza and served with ice cream. For me, I don't like the banana pizza because they used too many brown sugar and cinnamon, so it taste a little bit weird. Also the ice cream, I am not sure that they used vanilla ice cream, and the ice cream taste weird too. 

Banana Pizza
The second dessert is warm chocolate cake. Usually warm chocolate cake name molten chocolate lava cake, but here it called warm chocolate. So the first time you have to do if you eat this is, cut on the core to know, is the chocolate is melted or not, and tadaaa it is melted, so congratz. The warm chocolate cake is on a slice of orange, so it little bit sour but fresh of lemon. I like it the warm chocolate also they served with vanilla ice cream. If you careful they have vanilla bean on the ice cream so it means it is vanilla ice cream. It taste good.

Warm Chocolate Cake
Then bailey's irish cream soufle and vanilla profiteroles are come in the same time, but I prefer to try the bailey's irish cream soufle. It is not like usually soufle I ate with Vina. It is not shaking, the soufle is to heavy to shake, so in my opinion the soufle is over cooked so it is not shaking. Since the name is bailey's irish cream so it used bailey's but don't worry it is not contain alcohol so you won't get drunk. They served the soufle with yummy cream. i love the cream, but in my opinion it is better if they could added one scoop of ice cream. It will yummier.

Bailey's irish cream
The last one dessert is vanilla profiteroles. The profiteroles is eclair and they put vanilla ice cream on it, top with chocolate sauce and almond. I love the chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and almond. But in my opinion the eclair is not great. It is too dry and not chewy. 

Vanilla profiteroles
So for all, in my opinion Bakerzin have to improve many things, like the taste and the texture, etc. Beside that Bakerzin have great service, the waiter and waiteres is responsive also friendly and helpful. 

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