Thursday, 5 July 2012

Food Panda : Delivery to your door

Food panda is food online web, which is served hungry people. With just a few simple clicks, foodpanda helps you to easily order food over the internet. Steaming hot food is conveniently delivered to your home or your office. They have many food from unfamous until famous brand. They served from 10.00-21.00. So if you hungry now, why don't you open their website in They are not only present in Indonesia, but also they have many network in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and Columbia.

In this time, I had a chance to ordered their food. So, I will tell you step by step, how to ordered food panda.

First of all you have to open their website

Second, you could type your area where will they delivery to you

Third, you could see many vendor or brand which is could deliver to you. In this time, I want to delivery my food in my home. And this is many vendor who could deliver in Daan Mogot area. After checking one by one vendor, I am interest with Western Kicthen. So I check out my food, what I want to eat for my lunch. 

After checking one by one, then I want to try Western Kitchen. They are served bbq western food. They have many kind of food like chicken wings, onion ring, calamari, oxtail, etc. Then for this chance, I ordered chicken wings, fish n chips and fried mushroom.

Then you could sign up for you delivery address. So for all my order it cost Rp.133,000,-

Then they will deliver your order to your door.

After placing the order from food panda, then the vendor (Western Kitchen) will call you that they confirm what you order. Then western kitchen said that the fried mushroom and fish n chips were sold out, so they offered me the other food. So, they grill chicken marinated, but I am more excited with their oxtail barbeque and for the side dish I choose onion ring. Also since many food was sold out, they offer me discount 20%.

Then ta da. This is my meal for my lunch. I ordered food panda at 10.30am then the food came to my home at 02.00pm. So I have to waited little bit longer, so I was starving. Also the food is getting cold. So I have to warm them in microwave also in toaster.

This is the oxtail barbeque. It is so soft and tasty. The sauce soaked out until inside and the gave me more sauce for eat the oxtail barbeque. 

Oxtail Barbeque Rp.65,000,-
Also they gave me the side dish the fried fries and vegetable. After I warmed them in toaster, they are more crunchy but they get hard to bite. 


This is the chicken wings. I like their chicken wings sauce, but the chicken skins made me nausea, so it should be fried the chicken wing awhile then they could baked them. So it will me more crunchy chicken skin.  
Wings and Fries Rp.40,000,-

Also this onion rings. After I warmed them, it is hard to bite. also it is not crunchy. If it is fresh from the fried, might be this onion ring is yummy. Also the sauce is great. But poor me that the delivery time took time longer, so it was not great like the first time they ready. 

Onion Ring Rp.25,000,-

Also they will charge the delivery cost. Since my home is really far from the vendor so they charge me Rp.30,000. but if your home is nearest with them. It might be less delivery cost you have to pay. Then for payment, they only accept cash which is paid when the food is come. 

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Food Panda


  1. waw, maybe i can try this website

    1. Yes you have too. But to avoid the late delivery you could call when they open at 10am, so they food will come in your lunch time. Enjoy :)

  2. aje gile ampir 4 jam baru sampe... itu dimasak apa diapain ya nez.. kalo menurut gw webnya masi kurang bagus.. soalnya pas gw search yg deket rumah gw sm gw search di tmpt laen keluar restonya sama ajah.. *anak IT :p

    1. iyah lama yee nunggunya, manknya gw bilang kn klo buka langsung telpon jd nyampenya on time, iya emg kalo urusan daerahnya masih ga bener. Mesti banyak yg di improve hohoho



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