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Afternoon Bites with Din Tai Fung & Femina

Din Tai Fung founded in Taiwan,1958. Beside Indonesia Din Tai Fung also available in other country like Singapore, Hongkong, USA, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Australia. In Indonesia, Din Tai Fung founded in 2005 and the first outlet of Din Tai Fung is in Plaza Arcadia Senayan. Nowadays, Din Tai Fung have 6 outlets in Jakarta.

For this food gathering, here's a crowd in Food Gathering

We are seated in many table, so we as food blogger, we could meet new food blogger ans spread out our networking. I am seated with Mbak Octa, Bang Rian, Mbak Mia, and the other food blogger.

Then in the other table, also present Aline, Ellyna, and Jenny 

Din Tai Fung speciality food is xiao long bao but they served noodle and the other Chinese food.  So for this food gathering, we would taste xiao long bao and many yummy food. We tasted 3 appetiser, 3 main course and 1 dessert

For the drink, we served two kinds of drink. First is hot tea and the second is black current bubble tea. Hot tea is for neutralise the oily food and the black currant bubble tea is sweet drink. The black currant bubble tea is combination between tea and black currant flavour. Before I taste it, I have an expectation that this is pop bubble, but it is not. I am not disappointed but I wish they have pop bubble. The tea flavour is strong enough, the syrup is on the bottom, so you have to stir it first then the syrup will spread every time you drink the bubble tea. For the sweet level is good, not too sweet.

Next, we tried the appetiser. First they served us chicken and vegetable wun tun soup. I really love this wun tun soup. The soup is really great, they put more ginger on it, so the ginger is strong enough but it tastes good. Then the wun tun is great too, the skin is smooth and the filling is great, it is combination between vegetable and chicken. It is yummy. Love it 

Chicken and Vegetable Wun Tun Soup (4pcs) Rp.32,000,-

Then this is crispy enoki mushroom fried with chili. As an appetiser it is so great, since the enoki mushroom is really light and could be snack. First the enoki is fried with flour then they stir-fry to put the garlic and the chili. It is great.

Crispy Fried Enoki Mushroom with Chili Rp.38,000,-
Then we tried beef floss pancake a la shanghai. It reminds me with moon cake and the filling is beef floss and topped with sesame. It is unique, but it is not special. Also in my opinion it is better if they put chicken or beef on it, so it won't too dry. 

Beef Floss Pancake ala Shanghai Rp.20,000,-
Finally the xiao long bao is come. It is special xiao long bao. We have the honor to try the xiao long bao satay. This xiao long bao is made to welcome the fasting months which is this July, 19 muslim people start to fasting to fulfil their duty as muslim. It is more thick and the other xiao long bao also insists of satay ingredients, so it is more bold and juicy and the general xiao long bao. But since this is only available in fasting month, so you have to try this unique xiao long bao. 

Xiao Long Bao Satay 
Then we were going to ate the main course, first we served with hainam rice. It is insist of many ingredients like chicken stalk, garlic, sesame oil and etc. So it will more tastier than rice. I like hainam rice since they put many ingredients so it is more tastier. 

Hainam Rice Rp. 12,000,-
After the hainam rice, we served with sauteed green bean with minced beef. Once again this menu is not available for the regular menu, it is only for the food tasting. It is unique, since usually the sauteed green bean is served with chicken, they served it with beef. First the fried the green bean then they stir-fry to put the beef minced. It is yummy. 

Sauted Green Bean with Minched Beef 

Next food served is pinapple chicken. It is sour sweet cream since they put pinapple so it will taste sweet and sour. It is yummy food. First they fried the chicken with flour then they made the sweet and sour sauce after that they combine the chicken fried and the sweet and sour sauce. It is great. Love it. The combination between sweet and sour is balance. 

Pineapple Chicken Rp. 50,000,-
The last main course is dorry fish ala din tai fung. It looks like the other dorry fish menu in the Chinese food restaurant but they served with their special sauce. It is little bit sour and salty, so in my opinion they put the english soy sauce. It is crunchy dory fish but I don't really like the sauce.

Dorry Fish ala Din Tai Fung Rp.45,000,-
For the dessert they served us, super big dessert it called mango fantasy. It is combination between mango ice cream, many piece of mango, mango sauce, and shaved ice. Since it is big portion so we shared. So we put the ice from the bottom coz we scared the mango ice cream will be fall. It is great I love the mango ice cream. The mango ice cream from Haagen Dazs so it is great. But it taste little bit sour, since it is not time mango season. 

Mango Fantasy 
For all, I love the din tai fung, I really curious with their baked rice also their noodle. So I think I gonna be back. Thank you Femina who invited us and Din Tai Fung for the yummy dish. Love it. 

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Din Tai Fung
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