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Coffee Time with Yuk Makan and Haagen Dazs


Haagen Dazs is famous with their ice cream, do you know they have coffee too? 

Yes they have coffee. Since they opened the store in Indonesia. Haagen dazs accompany their main product (ice cream) with coffee. So this food gathering held to let people know that Haagen Dazs have great coffee. Coz they are really famous with the ice cream, but there is less people know that Haagen Dazs has coffee.

The coffee presented by illy's. All Haagen dazs store have illy's coffee.Its standarized from Haagen Dazs head office. The coffee from illy's is not grind in the Haagen Dazs store, but the coffee is grind in Haagen Dazs head office, so every store use ready-to-use coffee.

Yesterday I was invited by YukMakan to join Coffee Time Yuk Makan Gathering with Haagen Dazs. I was going with Cindy and Octa. So happy that we could came to this gathering. In this gathering we taste their 6 kinds of coffee. Actually they have 7 kinds of coffee, but since the coffee will cause heartburn so we served their 6 best coffee in Haagen Dazs.

Here's the crowd in YukMakan gathering.

The real coffee from Haagen Dazs
Start from the the black one and clock wise
 espresso, espresso machiatto, fresh brew coffee, affogato, cappucino, cafe latte

Above: Affogato, Cappucino, Cafe latte
Bottom : Fresh Brewed Coffee, Espresso Machiatto, Espresso

They have 7 kinds of coffee, but for this event they only served 6 kinds of coffee. There are:
1. Affogato
-> It is single espresso shoot mix with ice cream

Affogato when one scoop of ice cream poured with one shoot of hot espresso 

In Haagen Dazs you could choose what ice cream flavour do you want to mix to your affogato. It looks like tempting, but the taste is not look likes. They put the ice cream is less than I expectation for the tester, but maybe for the real portion it will be more sweet also you could taste the combination with one shoot of hot espresso and the ice cream, kinda hot and cold.

2. Espresso
-> A concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.
The espresso in Haagen Dazs is really bitter, and the after taste is little bit sour.
3. Espresso Machiato
-> A single espresso topped with a spoon of foam milk. Machiatto means is stained, so it means espresso with stained. 
The espresso machiato in Haagen Dazs, not really different with the espresso since they only put the foam. It is bitter and the after taste softer than espresso.
4. Cappucino
-> An Italian coffee drink prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam.
Cappucino is my favorite one, it is more milk on cappucino, so it taste better than the others. I like the cappucino consistensy and the combination between milk, foam and the espresso, so great.
5. Cafe Latte
-> A coffee-based drink made primarily from espresso and steamed milk. It consists of one-third espresso, two-third heated milk and about 1 cm of foam. Depending of the skill of the barista, the foam can be poured in such a way to create a picture.
--> In Haagen Dazs, the barista tried to make latte art, but it little bit looks signifikan. Also when I taste the cafe latte, my cafe latte is bit bitter and Cindy's cafe latte too much milk and Octa's cafe latte is great. It looks like the barista not have sure measurement about the combination of espresso and steamed milk.
6. Fresh Brewed Coffee
--> Brewed coffee its not espresso its like arabica and robusta coffee that we know. So fresh brewed coffee in Haagen Dazs taste little bit sour and looks like coffee sachet.

Above : Chocolate Mouse (Left) and Oreo Cheese Cake (Right)
Bottom : Marmelide Cake (Left) and Blueberry Cheese Cake (Right)

All Cake Price Rp. 29,000,-

We all know that coffee is quite bitter, moreover in this coffee time I drunk many cup of coffee, even it is small portion but it is strong coffee. So Haagen Dazs also served us many kinds of cake. They have oreo cheese cake, chocolate mouse, blueberry cheese cake and marmelide cake. 

The oreo cheese cake is consists of the oreo crust on the bottom then stacked with cream cheese and oreo cookies crumble and cream cheese again and topping with cookie crumble. I like the texture, the cream cheese is soft and the oreo crumble is great too. But in my opinion the structure of cheese cake is too light so might be needs to more set to be cheese cake. 

Then the blueberry cheese cake it consists with crust stacked with sponge cake then stacked cream cheese and blueberry cream cheese and stacked again with sponge cake the last its stacked with blueberry cream cheese and topped blueberry jam. It is so fresh the combination just great. Since the blueberry cheese cake use the sponge cake so this cake is more set than the oreo cheese cake. The cream cheese and blueberry cream cheese just great also soft. 

The third cake is marmelide cake great. But in my opinion from all the cake they served I love the chocolate mouse. In my opinion it is the best cake to accompany the coffee time is chocolate mouse. I feel like the chocolate mouse really connecting the coffee. The taste is continue from the espresso which is really bitter to sweet and yummy chocolate so good. 

The chocolate mouse consist of chocolate crust as a based then chocolate mouse, and topped the melted chocolate. So great.

Beside we taste the coffee and accompany with cake. Haagen dazs also gave us one scoop of ice cream. One person got one scoop of ice cream. So here me, cindy's and octa's ice cream. It is strawberry cheese cake, macademia and cookies and cream. Among 3 of our ice cream, I really love the macademia one. It is simple ice cream, it is combination between vanilla ice cream with macademia nuts. The macademia nuts is really crunchy. Also I love their strawberry short cake ice cream, its consists of cookie/cake crumble, strawberry jam, and cream cheese. It is fresh and yummy also the combination is really great. For the cookies ice cream. Its combination between oreo cookies with vanilla ice cream. Even cookies and cream and macademia use the same based ice cream, but the vanilla is stronger taste in cookies and cream, maybe its the macademia taste nutty than the cookies and cream. 

After taste the coffee, cake and ice cream, we take photo together. Thank you to YukMakan who invited me and Haagen Dazs who served great coffee, cake, and ice cream. 

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