Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mr Curry : Japanese Curry and Sweet House

Mr Curry is one of Ismaya Group resto. Mr Curry is place of curry, since the name is Mr Curry so their speciality is curry. Also they have great interior design, I really love it. The interior concept is kitchen and dominant with light color of wood. 

Mr Curry is served japanesse curry style. They have many curry types of original curry, red curry, white curry, and black curry. Also you could choose you spiciness of your curry. Mr Curry have 4 spicy level. First non spicy, spicy, very spicy, screaming spicy. Also for 

This is my first time to visit Mr Curry. I visited with Vina, Anitya and Cella. As this is my first time. I was little bit curious what I want to order. But since their salmon cheese really tempting. So I ordered salmon cheese with original curry and non spicy. Cella ordered the same food like me, but she asked to add screaming spicy of spiciness level. Anitya ordered fish katsu curry. Vina ordered chicken mushroom omelet.

Fish Katsu Rp.58,000,-

Anitya's fish katsu curry is great. They used dory fish as the fish katsu. The fish katsu is great, anity love it, I tasted a bit and I love it too.She choose non spicy and original curry.

Salmon Cheese Curry Rp.58,000,-

Salmon cheese curry is great. I love too. The salmon is fried well also the cheese is melted so well. The combination between salmon cheese with curry and the rice is just great. Also they served the salmon cheese curry with salad. For me the salad is great too, but the portion of salad is tiny, so I need more salad. Since the curry is full of meat, so better they put more salad for additional. The salad is fresh and the japanesse dressing is great too. I love it.

Chicken Mushroom Omelet Rp.58,000,-

This is Vina's chicken mushroom omelet. It is different with the others food. Since they served the butter rice, so the rice is tastier than us. Also the omelet is great. Vina pick the spiciness level in spicy, so it will be little bit spicy as well. But if you want to added more chili, they served us chili powder in the table. 

Hot and Cold Ocha Rp.13,000,-

For the beverage, we ordered hot and cold ocha. Their ocha is great, not to bitter. Also it is refilable, so you could asked the waiter if you want to refill. 

Also Mr Curry have many promotion. In this visit, we used 20% discount with student card. But they have many promotion. You could find out in their facebook or twitter. Also they served many tempting dessert. But we decided not tried them, coz we were going to taste the other dessert. Even this my first time visited them, but I really love it. I am not into curry, but I think Mr Curry served great curry, so people who not into curry will love it too. The service is great too, they are responsive and friendly. 

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Mr Curry
Grand Indonesia
West Mall Level 3A
Tel : (021) - 2358 1090
Pondok Indah Mall  2
Tel : (021) - 7592 0666


  1. enak kaaaaan nyahahahaha mari kita ke mr curry lagi :p

    1. iya tapi mau cobainnya yang pake 2 curry hwhwhw



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