Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aunty Anne : Pretzel Perfect

Auntie Anne Pretzel is one of my favorite snack in Puri Indah Mall. Since my home is so near with Puri Indah Mall, so I am very often coming here. Until one time, I want some sweet snack so I really miss the pretzel from Auntie Anne. 

The founder of Auntie Anne is Anne and Jonas in Pennsylvania. They founded in 1988. Auntie Anne's first franchise opened in 1989 at Saturday's Market in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The company experienced steady growth for the next six years, opening stores in 334 domestic locations in 33 states. In 1995, the company expanded internationally with its first store in Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesia, Auntie Anne have two outlet. The first outlet in Puri Indah Mall and second outlet in Mall Taman Anggrek. But same like in Puri Indah Mall, in Taman Anggrek they only had stand like in Puri Indah, also they had few of seat and table. 

They have many kinds of products like pretzel, pretzel dogs also drink. For pretzel they have original, cinamon sugar, almond, chocolate, garlic, sour and cream onion. For the pretzel dog, they have pretzel dog. As I know in Jakarta they have that pretzel and pretzel dong, but in other country they have many variant. 

For this visit, me and my little sister Irene choose the pretzel. I choose the chocolate pretzel.  

Chocolate Pretzel Rp.11,000,-
The chocolate pretzel is original pretzel and dipping in the melted chocolate, so it looks messy. Even look messy but it is so great. Also if you are chocolate lover you will have any reason to try this one. 

Irene ordered almond pretzel. It is combination sweet and salty, so it is great for people who love almond so, you won't mind to order this one.

Almond Pretzel Rp. 12,000,-

For the drink, Auntie Anne have many variant drink, but in this visit, we don't order any drink, coz we wanted to took away. 

In my opinion auntie anne is great snack for watching movie or accompany with hot tea or coffee. But if you want the chewy level of pretzel is great, you have to eat as soon as you bought them. 

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Mall Taman Anggrek
Jakarta, 11470
el : 021 - 563 9091

Puri Indah Mall


  1. itu pretzel dognya enak dasyat luar biasa!! gw seminggu makan itu terus juga ga bosen

    1. Iyah emang itu enak juga, kalo kesana tuh kayak banyak yg pengen dibeli, tapi apa daya perutnya ga muat semua

  2. Ah, setuju, Nez! Gw juga suka banget sm ini pretzel..gak kenyang2 makannya. Hehehee!

  3. Iya kalo makan Auntie Anne pengen nambah mulu hahaha



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