Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant Singapore

Palm Beach is established since 1954. Even they established since long time ago, but I've got chance to visited Palm Beach in one fullerton. The location was really make me and my big family want to eat there. It is picturesque of Singapore City Skyline, the Merlion and the water of Marina Bay. It looks perfect right to enjoy the dinner there. 

Palm Beach is famous with their signature chili crab, but they have many kinds of crab style of cook. Also they have many kinds of abalone and fins, lobster and prawns. They have area of dinner, indoor and outdoor. Since we are really want to enjoy the ambient of one fullerton so we decided to seated outdoor. 

Before we ordered, we've got side dish. First time I thought we've got the complementary but when I saw the bill, I have to pay this side dish. We've got fish skin and pickle. 

Fish Skin $SGD 5,00

The fish skin is really crunchy and yummy. I like it, but this fish skin is truly skin only, they don't put a little pieces of fish, so sad. The sauce is great, it is combination between sweet and sour also I thought they put many spice on it. 

Pickle $SGD 2,00

Then the pickle, it looks like rujak. It is combination between cucumber, carrot, and cabbage and combine with peanut sauce. It is great, ya like what I said in Indonesia, people called it rujak. 
Tea $SGD 11,20 (For 7 Person)

Then for drink we ordered chinesse tea. Even this tea is not available in menu, but of course you could asked them to served you with chinesse tea. You could choose the tea flavor too. They have olong and  chrysanthemum. I choose chrysanthemum. I made from chrysant flower, but it taste little bit sweet. 

For the food. I ordered rice we ordered fragrant seafood fried rice  and for the vegetable we ordered kailan dual style and for the seafood we ordered chili crab and herbal and drunks prawns. 

Fragrant seafood fried rice $SGD 18,00

For the fried rice we ordered fragrant seafood fried rice. It is combination of shrimp, squid and many ingredients. This fried rice is not too special. Just like so-so also not worth it since the price is expensive. 

Kailan dual style $SGD 18,00

For the vegetable we ordered kailan dual style. It is kailan stir mix with garlic and fried seaweed stir with anchovy. The kailan is so-so not too special, and the seaweed stir with anchovy really great, is crunchy and yummy. It is great to combine with the fried rice. 

Chili Crab $SGD 140,00

For the chili crab. The have unique presentation of chili crab, they put the chili crab on the hot stove, so it makes the chili crab warm. In my opinion the crab is looks big, but the crab inside is under my expectation. The chili crab is so big, coz they used Sri Lanka crab, but it doesn't make the chili special. The sauce, they said is spicy, but it doesn't spicy at all. But in my opinion the chili crab sauce is good. Also the spice they put on the food, it made the food is less spice, so for Indonesian people maybe this food needs improvement of spice on the food. 

For accompany the chili crab, they gave us fried mantau. Once again for Indonesian people it looks weird coz fried mantau usually available in dim sum but, they gave us for accompany the chili crab. 

Herbal and drunks prawns $SGD 62,40

For the herbal and drunks prawns. It is cute presentation, coz they put in the basket. Since the name is herbal and drunks prawns so this dish is alcoholic. They put beer on it also some of herbal spice. In my opinion this herbal and drunks prawns is bitter coz the beer, so I don't really enjoy it. But they have fresh prawn on it and the portion is enough big for 7 person. 

For all, in my opinion this restaurant is not special, the spice is less than Indonesian put in the food, so in my opinion it needs improvement. But for the service, they have super fast service, the waiters used the PDA to write our ordered, also they gave us apron to eat the seafood, maybe they know that we will enjoy the food til we were forgot that maybe the crab or prawns sauce may stain our shirt. Also if you really want to go to Palm Beach I suggest you to booking before you go there, coz it is crowd and maybe you queue for a long time. 

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Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant 
1- Fullerton Road
#01-09 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049213
Tel : 65 6336 8118  


  1. ih... gw sering lewatin nih... pas kmrn taon baroan gw duduk di depan ni resto... mahal gile.. sini makan udang dgn harga segitu bs makan udang sekenyang2nya nez :p

    1. Iya emang, ini tempat mahal banget. Gua aja mw nanggis darah liat harganya, tapi karena nai nai gw maksa yasudahlah

    2. tapi enak ga?? enak banget padahal tempatnya... pas lw kesono panas banget ga?? gw baru jalan 10 metere aja ud banjir keringet waktu itu..

    3. Ngga gitu enak sih peb, biasa aja, manknya gw agak-agak nyesel makan disitu. Pas gw dtg sih lagi adem gitu, sampe nai-nai gw masuk angin tuh hwhwhw



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