Friday, 6 July 2012

Bakmi Alok

Bakmi Ayam Ahok is my favorite noodle place in Jakarta. Even though far from my home, but it is worth it to go that far, taste their bakmi and the ambient there. Long time not visit them, they have many different thing. Such as the noodle size. The last time I visited them the noodle size is big and this time, the make them small noodle size. It made me surprise. Also the price, maybe I could call them a pricey noodle if it is compare with the other noodle in Jakarta. But for noodle like Bakmi Ayam Alok, Bakmi Gang Kelinci, and Bakmi GM. It is not price also noodle they sell the quality. They sell number one quality. 

Even they place really simple, without air conditioner, or maybe you will get wet. But it make you really miss this kind of place. Also when I visited them, the customer is come and go, so it is crowded enough for the tasty and yummy noodle place.

Price Tag Bakmi Ayam Alok 
For this visit, I ordered siomay, fried dumpling, and otak-otak for appetizer. Many noodle place have many side yummy side dish, like Bakmi Agoan. They have a famous fried meat ball. Bakmi Ayam Alok side dish is super yummy. The siomay is make me want more since the softness and the taste of meat. Also the fried dumpling is great too. They are crunchy and the meat is great too. 

Then the otak-otak is great. Sometime, you could find a bad otak-otak. Less fish but a lot of flour. Also they usually not use fresh fish. But this otak-otak is great. I could taste the fish on it. 


Then for the beverage. In Bakmi Ayam Alok has liang tea. It is herbal tea, but they serve it sweet. Also many people said liang tea is good for sore throat. So this is what we order. 

Then this is the bakmi ayam look like. They served without vegetable. They only served with chicken. But if you want to make them little bit greeny, you could added chives as much as you like. You could added in noodle or in their soup. By the way the soup is really great. The chicken stalk is really strong. 

Bakmi Ayam Rp.20,000,-
For accompany the noodle so we ordered dumpling soup. We ordered 1 portion contain of 10 dumplings. It is great. The dumpling contain shrimp. The shrimp makes the dumpling sweet. Great combination 

Dumpling Soup Rp.25,000,- @ Rp.2,500,-
For me it will be my pleasure to come back. I really love how the serve the noodle also the noodle style and the dumpling. It is really worth it to come back.

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Bakmi Ayam Alok
Kemurnian raya, same block with Tarsisius 1 School

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