Thursday, 26 July 2012

Once Upon A Milkshake Singapore

When I planning to go to Singapore. I put once upon a milkshake in my food list, but after I search them in google, their location is out of my itinerary, so I cross them from my food list. But surprise me, in Ion Orchard, I found them so without long thought I bought the milkshake. 

Once Upon A Milkshake served ice cream and milkshake. They have many kinds of milkshake and ice cream. I really confused what milkshake flavor I have to taste, so I decided to choose one of  once upon a milkshake character, then because I want to stay safe, so I choose chocolate truffle castle. It is premium chocolate ice cream. Since this is my first time try the milkshake, so I decide to ordered the regular size. 

So here's my chocolate truffle castle. It is yummy the chocolate is rich also they put many chocolate ice cream, so I really regret to ordered the regular size. Maybe next time I visited Singapore, I could taste bigger size and the other flavor. 

For the served time, I have to wait a little bit long time, even only one person queue before me. Maybe because the waiter only one person so, he has to do so many things. 

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Once Upon A Milkshake
Ion Orchard Road
Food Opera
Tel : +65 9823 3779


  1. the name is so interesting.
    i gotta try this someday :)

    1. Yes you should try them, their milkshake is so rich and bold. Its different with any other brand :)

  2. i tried their rum raisin, it was stellar as well! and pls do try the stall next to them, gindaco. i used to eat their takoyakis with the rum raisin milkshake. heaven on earth.

    1. Oh I try gondaco too, but I don't post it coz my photo is bad quality



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