Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fook Me?! No! Fook Yew!

Fook Yew is one of unique resto concept present from Ismaya Group. It so unique interior since we are welcome with big cat. In chineese tradition this cat is believed he will be called the customer to come and eat in the resto who take him in the resto. It is feng shui things. Also this is one and only chinesse resto present from Ismaya, since the other resto is japanesse, and western cuisine so it will be nice to have another asian resto.

I know that Fook Yew is not grand openning yet, they open for trial opening. So I came to know is Fook Yew is great enough or not. I came in lunch time. They are not many people ate here. Fook Yew have 2 area, smoking and non smoking. I seated in non smoking area. Then the waiter came to me and give me the menu. The menu is so impressive and innovative. They have 2 menus. One is food menu and the others is bubble tea lab. The bubble tea lab menu reminds me about the feng shui in chineese tradition. It is so cute by the way.

For bubble tea lab they have two kinds of bubble tea. One is mocktail it is non alcoholic bubble tea, then the second one is cocktail which is alcoholic bubble tea. For the mocktail name, they named with shio, it is chineese astrology they have 12 shio, like the shabby dog, the golden rabbit, the storming ox, etc. Then for the cocktail they named with kungfu chineese movie like the last emperor, shaolin soccer, kungfu hustle, etc. They are so creative named their bubble tea lab name.


In this visit I try their bubble tea. I visited here with my sister Irene. So I ordered cocktail and my sister ordered mocktail. Since I really curious what I ordered so I asked the waiter what is the favourite cocktail here and he suggest me the shabby dog. It is combination between coffee, caramel, baileys, creme de cacao, and topping with bubble and grass jelly. For my sister, she ordered shaolin soccer. It is combination between  coffee, caramel, milk and topping with bubble and grass jelly. 

Left : Shaolin Soccer Rp.35,000,-
Right : The Shabby Dog Rp.79,000,-

For food, since we are still full, so we ordered snack. First time we decided to ordered xiao long bao, but the waiter suggest the sheng jian bao. The waiter said it was the signature dish here. So we change the xiao long bao become sheng jian bao. Sheng jian bao have 4 kinds filling, chicken and prawn, chicken and sweet corn, chicken garlic and beef black pepper. Once again I asked the waiter what is the favorite filling, he said it was chicken and prawn so we ordered them. 1 portion of sheng jian bao consists of 4 pieces, but one piece of sheng jian bao is enough big. When the sheng jian bao came in my table. It looks like xiao long bao, they I ate them, it taste like combination between xiao long bao and bapao, so it is unique. To eat sheng jian bao, you should eat like xiao long bao, coz there is soup on it. The sheng jian bao is big enough, so it is little bit hard to put it in the spoon, maybe we need bigger spoon only for eat the sheng jian bao. For the soup is taste good. But in my opinion compare the filling with sheng jian bao skin which is so big, the filling should be added more. The filling it taste so-so not too special. 

Sheng Jian Bao Rp.27,000,-

Then after I ate and finish my billing, the waitress come and give me and my sister fortune cookies. Wish we are always fulfill with good fortune.

Fortune Cookies for free

In my opinion Fook Yew is great chineese resto, many unique menu that might be available in other chinesse resto, also the interior and concept really cute. So might be I go back soon to taste their noodle also their rice.

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Fook Yew
Gandaria City Ground Floor Main Street


  1. OMG! , grand banget blog loh...gue bisa jadi lapar banget ni!! gimana deh...semuanya enak2 banget!

  2. it's look yummy.. :) suka dengan reviwnya.. :) di kota kita

    1. Thank you so much for like my review, thanks :)



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