Friday, 20 July 2012

BLD : Breakfast Lunch Dinner (Revisit)

Long time not see BLD, I ever visited BLD before you could read it in my blog post here. Since disdus had special promotion and voucher, so I decided to go back to BLD. BLD such a great place near my home, to cheat chat, meeting, also enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Last time I visited here they still less visitor, but now the visitor increase. Generally they have non smoking area in upstair and smoking area in downstair. But you could pick what area you want to seated. In this visit, I seated in their non smoking area. Last time I went here, I choose to seat in smoking area. Since they have a great view in smoking area. But now, I wanna try something new. Generally they have non smoking area in upstair and smoking area in downstair. 

I came here with my very best friend Vina. She was going to work in this week. So, last week we visited BLD in dinner time. Also we visited there, coz we want to celebrate Vina's thesis defence which is went smooth as well. 

For the service, last time I visited here, I don't see the owner or the manager, but this visit I saw him. He control great, also the waiter/ waitress really helpful also quickly to serve us. 

Ice Lychee Tea

For this visit, I ordered lychee tea. Since last time I visited them I was disappointed with their ice lemon tea. So I try something new. My expectation of my ice lycee tea, they would served me couple of lychee. But when it comes, they only served one lycee. I want more lycee for my ice lycee tea. Also Vina's ordered ice lemon tea. It is better ice lemon tea than my last visit here. It was tasty also the lemon is strong enough and the sweet level is great. Just love your ice lemon tea. 

Ice Lemon Tea

Since we bought our voucher from disdus, we got appetiser, so we ordered this cute mini pork belly burger. At first Vina and I curious what we will have for the appetiser. The mini pork belly burger is really tempting Since my last time I visited here and the pork belly little bit hard to bite. Finally after many consideration we ordered this little cute burger. So it is over our expectation. The pork belly is great, the juicy and the moist level of mini pork belly burger is great. Also I like the fried onion and the bread is great too. The bread is crunchy even not look like they grill it. It just great so far. 

Mini Pork Belly Burger 
For appetiser, I ordered Vina's food in last time we visited here. It is Pan-Grilled John Dory Fillet with Citrus Sauce. It so great. Even they said the dory is grilled but it taste like they fried it, so crunchy outside and juicy inside. The dory still moist and they cooked great. Also the side dish really make me love it. If you asked me what that green vegetable, I don't know, but they served it well.

Pan-Grilled John Dory Fillet

Then Vina's ordered Parma chicken. It is great chicken. The chicken is fried and accompany with sunny egg, fried fries and salad. The sunny egg, it makes more tempting than my dish. But the salad, I don't really like it, I think they put the balsamic on the salad, so the salad bitter and not great to serving with the yummy chicken so BLD should find a great side dish for the great parma chicken.

Parma Chicken

So after twice came to BLD, in my opinion they should improve more taste until it is excellent, but so far they have improve the food also the beverage. I love it. Also I think they have many tempting food, so might be I come there for tried their pasta also their breakfast. 

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Breakfast Lunch Dinner (BLD)
PX Pavillion at St, Moritz
Tel: (021) 583 58582!/BLDJakarta

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