Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mooncake Festival: Mid Autumn Celebration

Happy Moon Cake Festival (Zhongqiu Jie). Mid Autumn Festival known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a popular lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people. Moon Cake Festival became popular during the early Tang Dynasty. The festival is held on the 15th of the eighth month in the Chinese calender, which is in September or early Octover in the Gregorian calendar. 

My family is not really care with Moon Cake Festival, but every year we always buy some moon cake in many variants, here's what Moon Cake we bought. 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Festival Kuliner Serpong : Minang Nan Rancak

Last week, Me and my family visited Festival Kuliner Serpong. I came in dinner time so it is crowded. This year is their second year Festival Kuliner Serpong held by Summarecon the organizer, I am waiting for this festival because this year has different theme than last year. This year Festival Kuliner Serpong has Minang theme, it looks from the entry, you could see Rumah Gadang and Jam Gadang. Minang theme you could see from the waiter who wear Minang traditional clothes. So here's what I ate in FKS2012.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Private Coffee Tasting with Saxon Wright and Food Tasting in Blackedlist Coffee

Blacklisted Coffee is new coffee shop in Puri Indah Mall. They have coffee roaster speciality and premium cakes to accompany the coffee. Two weeks ago in Saturday night, Ellyna bbm me and asked me to join the Blacklisted Coffee, so I came in saturday morning with Ellyna and Elvina. I invited to Blacklisted Coffee because their roaster master Saxon Wright came to Indonesia especially came to Blacklisted Coffee. It is my honor could invited by Blacklisted Coffee to enjoy coffee made from 
World Barista Championship and Australia Head Judge. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


MyCha is new bubble tea in Plaza Indonesia EX. Last time I visited EX, I was craving for bubble tea and I decide to tried MyCha bubble tea. I came to early in MyCha so, the waitress and waiter not ready yet to served the customer. But, how about the bubble tea, is that ready to served me?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Yamagoya Ramen

Couple weeks ago, I went to Thamrin Nine to interviewed accompany with my friends Bella. After I interviewed that was 3pm and I realize that I was not having my lunch, so I decide to ask bella to accompany to have the famous ramen in the same building, that is Yamagoya Ramen. In my food revolution, I wrote them and I really want to taste how the ramen it looks like, so here it is!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tea Master

Tea Master is new bubble tea in Puri Indah Mall Jakarta. My home is near Puri Indah Mall, so I go to Puri Indah once or twice a week, so I always update every new resto, new stall or something happen in Puri Indah Mall. Before Tea Master opened, there was only one bubble tea,which is Cha Time and I am kinda boring with Cha Time. So when they open their store I really happy. After Tea Master opened, I never visited Cha Time again, and I prefer Tea Master.  

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Magnum Gold : As Good As Gold

Magnum Gold Rp.12,500,-
Magnum Gold is newest magnum variant. Before I tried Magnum Gold, I ever tried many magnum variants, you could click here. Beside Magnum Gold, Magnum also has many variant such as chocolate and strawberry, chocolate brownie, golden hazelnut. Their tv campaign and social so bombing. So it makes me curious, what Magnum Gold taste? Is that as good as gold? Let's check out!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Porter Er House

After finished had snack in Ochado, Rati-Rati, and Bobabits, so we stepped up our foot to serious dinner in Port Er House. Port Er House is a great place for hangout with friends, but if you bring your family like I did, it is great place too. They have comfy place to have family quality time. They served western food, and my mom is big fans of western food, so here it is!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Bobabits is another bubble tea in PIK area. I went to PIK with my parents, my sister and my grandma, even I went once but I went to many place, like Ochado and Rati-Rati. So here's Bobabits, beside they sell bubble tea, they also sell snack like takoyaki, chicken wings, and etc. I went to Bobabits in idul fitri holiday and I went there not in lunch and dinner time, so visitor is less than their another daily working hour. From outside, Bobaits is eye catching coz they have catchy neon box and the outside area is so unique.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rati-Rati : Japanesse Roll Cake

Rati-Rati is japanesse roll cake, I know Rati-Rati from Wanderbites, he said the roll cakes so soft and smooth, so when Deal keren offered the special deal, so I just click to buy button then I could trade in the period that they defined. So finish with two kinds of bubble tea and my tummy is going to explode, so I decided to took away Rati-Rati as my  food stock at home. 

Friday, 14 September 2012


When Idul Fitri holiday, my family didn't go out of town, so we decided to find food new hype food center in north Jakarta not too far from my home. In Pantai Indah Kapuk, there are three bubble tea, that is Bobabits, Ochado and Mr Tea Inc. Ochado is come from Japan, but my sister, Irene knew Ochado from Pavillion, one of the biggest mall in KL. So here we are tried the bubble tea from Malaysia.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Marina : Mee Udang Singapore

Last sunday, I was invited by Marina Mee Udang Singapore with Rian and his wife, Julia and his bf, me and Sara. Marina Mee Udang Singapore has signature dish which is marina mee udang. Marina Mee Udang Singapore opened since 4 months ago, it is new mee udang in town. They located in Taman Ratu, which is famous as food center in west Jakarta. Before they opened Marina Mee Udang Singapore, the owner Mrs. Savitri loves to travelling to Singapore, so they usually eat Prawn Mee in Singapore, and it is tasteless. So from the idea of tasteless prawn mee in Singapore, she and his husband bring the idea of yummy Mee Udang in Jakarta. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Starbucks Indonesia Autumn Gathering 2012

Last thursday, I invited to Starbucks Indonesia Autumn Gathering 2012 in Kota Kasablanka store as their newest store in Jakarta. It was an awesome gathering. This is my first come to Starbucks Indonesia Gathering. It is my honor to come to this gathering. In this gathering, Starbucks Indonesia was launching their Autumn Blend, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, their yummy foods to accompany the coffee and anniversary blend of 25th Starbucks Indonesia. So here it is! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Lunch Invitation by Manhattan Fish Market

Last wednesday, I was invited by Manhattan Fish Market to tried their manhattan flaming seafood platter. It is my honor to visit them. Before I was invited by Lunch Invitation in Manhattan Fish Market, I wrote review about Manhattan Fish Market, and I wrote that I was wondering if I could tried their flaming fish, so I was invited to tried their flaming. You could check my MFM review here. I am so happy that the marketing Manager of MFM miss Chendy read my blog and have attention about what I wrote. So here what I ate in my Lunch Invitation. Check this out!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sakura Anpan : Old Style Bakery in Jalan Sabang

Before visiting Warung Soto in Jalan Sabang, in the afternoon I visited traditional old bakery in Jalan Salan. It named Sakura Arpan. Maybe less people know about Sakura Arpan but for people who love traditional bakery, maybe it is one of their favorite bakery. This is my first time visited Sakura Anpan so I don't have any idea what their special bread here. They served many kinds of cake, bread, and many more. I've got curious what I have to buy here. 

Sakura Anpan interior is so simple and they keep the old furniture here, feels like old style bakery. 

Since this is my first time visited Sakura Anpan, so I bought some favorite sweet bread flavor. I bought sugar apple sweet bread, chocolate eclair and chocolate sweet bread. 

Sugar Apple Sweet Bread
Chocolate Sweet Bread

The sweet bread is awesome, they don't used bread improver so it taste heavy and you will full if you eat 2 or 3 sweet bread. The sugar apple sweet bread is yummy, even the bread little bit hard, but it taste great. The eclair even the presentation is not make me interesting, but it taste great. The chocolate bread, is yummy. But as a chocolate lover, I think I need more chocolate in chocolate bread.

Beside the yummy and old style bakery, I bought 3 of bread and it cost only Rp. 12,500,-. So cheap right!

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Sakura Anpan
Jalan KH. Agus Salim No. 25-25A
Telp. 021 -  3144253, 3900093

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Warung Soto Ceker dan Ranjau "Pak Gendut"

Sabang street is famous as culinary street in Jakarta. From high end resto, kopitiam until hawker food is available here. So here's Warung Soto Ceker dan Ranjau 'Pak Gendut' is  one of Indonesian hawker food in Sabang Street. It is small alley, but it is so easy to find them. There are two famous soto ceker in this area, but there is only one famous and original soto ceker that is Pak Gendut. As mention before the name of this place is soto ceker dan ranjau which is chicken feet and chicken bone, so the famous menu here is soto with chicken feet and soto with bone. If you don't like chicken feet, don't worry they also served, soto with chicken, soto with unborn egg, soto with chicken skin and many more. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

First Love Cake Patisserie : The Thousand Layer Cake

First Love Cake Patisserie is one of biggest mille crepe supplier in Jakarta. At first, mille crepe is come from France it made from japanesse who live in France and named as mille crepe, but mille crepe is more popular in Asia such Japan, Taiwan, Koreo, Hongkong and many more. Now, First Love Cake also available in Jakarta. If you go to Plaza Indonesia, you will find First Love Cake kiosk there, even it is little tiny kiosk, but the marketing said they usually sell more than 100 pan a day, so many right. But unfortunately, in Plaza Indonesia, First Love Cake doesn't sell per piece mille crepe you have to buy 1 pan of mille crepe. But, don't worry, they supply in many cafe surround Jakarta, such Dante Coffee, Noodle Cafe, Kitchenette, B-Side Kawai and many more, so if you want to buy per piece you could go to that cafe or resto. As the biggest supplier mille crepe, First Love Cake available in many flavor such as original, green tea, oreo, coffee, blueberry. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

XXI Cafe

I know both of you maybe very familiar with 21 or XXI as a place to watching cinema, some of you might be buy some food or drink to enjoy while you watching cinema. As we knew that 21 or XXI theater renovated and improved, same like the theater, the XXI cafe, they are not only served general boring soft drink, now they have many tempting food and drink. Last month I watched Batman with my family, my mom bought me hot irish chocolate and pink berry yoghurt while I went to the toilet. I am surprise that two drinks which is usually available in cafe now available in XXI cafe. So here it is!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bubble Tea in Genting : Cha Time and Come Buy

When I visited Genting two months ago, I found 2 bubble tea in Genting. There are Cha Time and Come Buy. even Cha Time is available too in Indonesia, but why don't we try Cha Time in Genting, they have different menu that doesn't available in Indonesia. Come Buy also available in Jakarta, but I don't have a chance to catch them, so here's bubble tea from Genting. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Product Review : Snack in Malaysia

In two months ago, I went to Genting, Malaysia to attended Mountain of Food Explorace 2 in Resort World Genting. Beside the main event is racing, we also had snack time and bought some snack in our way to Genting and the contrary. We found that many yummy snack, some of them are unique but some of them are reminds me of snack in Indonesia. So check this out!
Chachos is nachos in the snack. They have many flavour of chachos. In this time I tried Chachos cheesy cheese flavours. Btw, Chachos also reminds me of happy toast in Indonesia. Chachos is made from corn. It mentions as cheese flavour but the apperance of Chachos is not really cheese. But when you try Chachos, it taste great. The corn flavour is strong, and the MSG is lower than Indonesia has. 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mary Brown : Fast Food in Genting

Mary Brown is one of Malaysian fast food in Genting. Marry Brown has founded in 1981 and now they have more than 250 outlets in Malaysia, China, Kuwait, Tanzania, UAE and etc. Even they have many outlets around the world, but Marry Brown doesn't open their outlet in Jakarta, so when I visited Genting last month with Julia, Rian, Mia, and Sara. We decided to tried Malaysian fast food which is Mary Brown. 


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