Sunday, 2 September 2012

Product Review : Snack in Malaysia

In two months ago, I went to Genting, Malaysia to attended Mountain of Food Explorace 2 in Resort World Genting. Beside the main event is racing, we also had snack time and bought some snack in our way to Genting and the contrary. We found that many yummy snack, some of them are unique but some of them are reminds me of snack in Indonesia. So check this out!
Chachos is nachos in the snack. They have many flavour of chachos. In this time I tried Chachos cheesy cheese flavours. Btw, Chachos also reminds me of happy toast in Indonesia. Chachos is made from corn. It mentions as cheese flavour but the apperance of Chachos is not really cheese. But when you try Chachos, it taste great. The corn flavour is strong, and the MSG is lower than Indonesia has. 

Grape Sour+ RM.3,90,-

Sour+ is one of candy that I brought to Indonesia. In my expectation the sour+ is candy, but the reality is sour+ is gummy candy. It is chewy. I don't really like chewy candy, but in my opinion sour+ is great. Since the name is sour+ so it taste sour. When you eat them, you have to bite them, so it feels like eat lemon, but after you chewy it, it taste great. Must buy item too from Malaysia. 

Yogi : Blueberry Cream Stick RM.1,80,-

Yogi : Blueberry Cream Stick is blueberry stick which is from Malaysia. I found in Genting. But maybe Yogi also available in minimarket in Malaysia. Yogi is unique, since in Indonesia cream stick is usually available in chocolate flavour, vanilla flavour or strawberry flavour. So in my opinion, Yogi is yummy. The stick is crunchy and the cream taste little bit sour but great. You must try if you are visiting Malaysia.

Muruku Ikan RM.2,80,-

Muruku Ikan is one of MSG snack in Malaysia. It looks chiki in Indonesia. Muruku packaging is not interesting at all, but when you open the muruku, you will addicted with them. Muruku looks like kerupuk, but it is small pieces of kerupuk. The fish flavour is strong, but in my opinion the MSG level is lower than in Indonesia, so you won't thirsty after you ate them. 

Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls is one of yummy snack in Malaysia. It is fried balls with cheese as seasoning. It is so yummy, and salty also it is melt in your mount. Cheese balls is reminds me of chiki cheese balls, which is available in Indonesia. Cheese Balls in Malaysia it taste quite same like chiki balls in Indonesia. 

Twister RM 2,00,-
Twister is snack in Malaysia which is available for many flavour like BBQ, Cheese, and many more. In this chance, I tried the chicken flavor. In my opinion twister in chicken flavor is not really match to my tongue, but it is great if you are curious and wanted to try. Twister looks similar with cheetos in Indonesia. It also taste quite same with it.   

Maggi Hotcup Chicken Flavour RM.1,60,-

Maggi hot cup is one of instant noodle in Malaysia. In my last day in First World Hotel, we got hungry, so we went to minimarket near the Genting Highlands, so I found Maggie Hot Cup. They have many flavour, for complete Maggi Hot Cup flavour, you could check out here. I tried tried chicken flavour, it is great, also yummy. The soup taste is light and the noodle is good. Once again, the MSG level is lower than instant noodle in Indonesia, so I wish they will sell it in Indonesia too. 

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