Saturday, 8 September 2012

Warung Soto Ceker dan Ranjau "Pak Gendut"

Sabang street is famous as culinary street in Jakarta. From high end resto, kopitiam until hawker food is available here. So here's Warung Soto Ceker dan Ranjau 'Pak Gendut' is  one of Indonesian hawker food in Sabang Street. It is small alley, but it is so easy to find them. There are two famous soto ceker in this area, but there is only one famous and original soto ceker that is Pak Gendut. As mention before the name of this place is soto ceker dan ranjau which is chicken feet and chicken bone, so the famous menu here is soto with chicken feet and soto with bone. If you don't like chicken feet, don't worry they also served, soto with chicken, soto with unborn egg, soto with chicken skin and many more. 

As a hawker food, so the ambient here is so simple. There is only chair and table also fan as air conditioning. When I visited here, there was less visitor even it was dinner time. Maybe I came to early for dinner. 

The soul of soto here is this 'koya' I called it koya because it is secret combination on it. My mom said it made from shrimp crackers, and many more. It is so great when you mix it with your soto. 

L - R
Soto Ceker (Soto with Chicken Feet)
Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto)

In this visit, I ordered two soto. Soto 'Pak Gendut' is consists of bean sprouts, vermicelli, chicken, tomato, potato, cabbage, leeks, fried garlic. It is same main ingredients of soto, the different is only the chicken part that you want to put in you soto. My dad ordered soto with chicken feet and me and my mom ordered soto with chicken. In my opinion Soto 'Pak Gendut' is taste so-so, the soup is too oily, and too salty for me. Also I believe that they put much MSG, because after I ate them I feel thirsty all the time. 

Hot Tea

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Warung Soto Ceker dan Ranjau "Pak Gendut"
Jl. Sabang Sarinah - Jakarta Pusat
Tel : 08561260492 / 08176938070

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