Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sakura Anpan : Old Style Bakery in Jalan Sabang

Before visiting Warung Soto in Jalan Sabang, in the afternoon I visited traditional old bakery in Jalan Salan. It named Sakura Arpan. Maybe less people know about Sakura Arpan but for people who love traditional bakery, maybe it is one of their favorite bakery. This is my first time visited Sakura Anpan so I don't have any idea what their special bread here. They served many kinds of cake, bread, and many more. I've got curious what I have to buy here. 

Sakura Anpan interior is so simple and they keep the old furniture here, feels like old style bakery. 

Since this is my first time visited Sakura Anpan, so I bought some favorite sweet bread flavor. I bought sugar apple sweet bread, chocolate eclair and chocolate sweet bread. 

Sugar Apple Sweet Bread
Chocolate Sweet Bread

The sweet bread is awesome, they don't used bread improver so it taste heavy and you will full if you eat 2 or 3 sweet bread. The sugar apple sweet bread is yummy, even the bread little bit hard, but it taste great. The eclair even the presentation is not make me interesting, but it taste great. The chocolate bread, is yummy. But as a chocolate lover, I think I need more chocolate in chocolate bread.

Beside the yummy and old style bakery, I bought 3 of bread and it cost only Rp. 12,500,-. So cheap right!

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Sakura Anpan
Jalan KH. Agus Salim No. 25-25A
Telp. 021 -  3144253, 3900093

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