Thursday, 27 September 2012

Private Coffee Tasting with Saxon Wright and Food Tasting in Blackedlist Coffee

Blacklisted Coffee is new coffee shop in Puri Indah Mall. They have coffee roaster speciality and premium cakes to accompany the coffee. Two weeks ago in Saturday night, Ellyna bbm me and asked me to join the Blacklisted Coffee, so I came in saturday morning with Ellyna and Elvina. I invited to Blacklisted Coffee because their roaster master Saxon Wright came to Indonesia especially came to Blacklisted Coffee. It is my honor could invited by Blacklisted Coffee to enjoy coffee made from 
World Barista Championship and Australia Head Judge. 

I came late in the invitation but luckily me I wasn't missing how Saxon made coffee for us. Beside made coffee, he shared to us, what is the good coffee is, how to make coffee with coffee press, and 3 elements of coffee. 

He said 3 elements of coffee are:

1. The bean, where the bean come from they have different characteristic
2. The coffee machine, every coffee machine has different temperature, time adjustment
3. The man behind the coffee, so the man behind the coffee in Blacklisted is Saxon Wright. He roasted coffee for the Blacklisted also he trained the barista here. 

This is what he does to make coffee. There are 4 steps
1. Press the coffee
2. Put the coffee on coffee machine, then he boiled the milk so nicely
3. The mix the coffee with milk
4. He served for us. 

Here's our cappucino. Usually I added more sugar to my cappucino, but this cappucino is great without put any sugar on it. To accompany the coffee, we've got almond croissant which is made by Mr Ong the patisserie master in Blacklisted Coffee. 

Almond Croisant is the best pairing with cappucino, why? It is because the coffee is bitter and the almond croisant is sweet. If you eat the only almond croisant, trust me you will say it is too sweet. 

After taste Saxon Cappucino, then we learn how to make easy coffee at home by using a coffee press. Coffee Press is an equipment who help coffee lover to enjoy their coffee in simple way. Usually the coffee press made by glass, but Saxon's coffee press made from plastic so it is easy to bring when you are travelling or even you have to catch your flight in early morning, you could make your coffee in the airport. 

There are 8 steps to make coffee with coffee press:
1. Prepare the coffee, hot water, and coffee press
2. Put the grounded coffee in the coffee press
3. Add the hot water on it
4. Fill the hot water until reach the top of coffee press
5. Then put the coffee filter on top
6. Then flip out, the press will be on top
7. Put the jar below your coffee press then push the coffee press with whole your strength
8.  Tada, black coffee is ready to served. 

Here's our black coffee, so good. It is light and looks transparent if you see from above. Then after tasting coffee, we served with lunch in Blacklisted Coffee

Mojito Mango Rp.28,000,-
Homemade Lemonade Rp. 20,000,-
Banana Chocolate Frappe Rp. 35,000,-

Ellyna's drink Mojito Mango, it is so fresh and so good to enjoy when sunny day. Elvina's drink Homemade Lemonade, and me Banana Chocolate Frappe, the chocolate is using real chocolate and the banana is too light to enjoy with you entries.  

 Spaghetti Javanesse Rp.48,000,-
Fettucine Carbonara Rp. 48,000,-
Spaghetti Aglio Olio Rp.48,000,-

Our first entries are Javanesse Spaghetti Pasta, Fettucine Carbonara and Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Javanesse Spaghetti Pasta is spice, if you like spicy and you are like green chili, it will be your favorite. Fettucine Carbonara so great, it is creamy. Spaghetti Aglio Olio is nice too. I love the pasta here. 

Oxtail Fried Rice Rp.65,000,-
Grilled Salmon with rica rica sauce Rp.60,000,-

The others entries there are Oxtail Fried Rice and Salmon Rica-Rica. The Oxtail Fried Rice is so good, I love oxtail and surprisingly this Oxtail Fried Rice is should be tried. Grilled Salmon with Rica-Rica is spicy, the salmon is not fishy, juicy and crunchy on top, served with mashed potato. Mashed Potato is nice and creamy, love it. 

The last, we tried the dessert, there are tiramissu, opera cake and banana chocolate layer. My favourite is banana chocolate layer, the chocolate is rich and thick also the banana so great, you could find banana slice in every layer of this cake. Tiramissu is nice, the bitterness of coffee and cocoa, the coffee aroma soak in the lady finger so great, the sweet from mascapone cheese so great. Opera cake also lovely, I love their cake. 

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Blacklisted Coffee
Puri Indah Mall, Ground Floor unit 71
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah, Jakarta
Tel : 021-5823332

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