Friday, 14 September 2012


When Idul Fitri holiday, my family didn't go out of town, so we decided to find food new hype food center in north Jakarta not too far from my home. In Pantai Indah Kapuk, there are three bubble tea, that is Bobabits, Ochado and Mr Tea Inc. Ochado is come from Japan, but my sister, Irene knew Ochado from Pavillion, one of the biggest mall in KL. So here we are tried the bubble tea from Malaysia.

They have two area indoor and outdoor. The interior is dominant with wood color and white color. They have many seat, so you don't have to worry you will stand to enjoy your bubble tea. 

They have many kinds of bubble tea variants, like ice tea, ice lemonade, ice blend, milk tea, and fussion ice tea. They also have unique topping such as pop egg, coffee crystal and basil seed. For size, they have medium and large size. For the sugar level you could choose what the sugar level is fits to you. 

I came twice to ochado, so I tried two different bubble tea in Ochado. First time I visited Ochado, I tried their Pop Egg Milk Tea and second time I visited Ochado, I tried their Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea with Pop Egg. 

In my opinion, my pop egg milk tea is not too special, the tea is strong but I find something impressive, but the pop egg is so great. Pop egg is pop boba which consists of coffee syrup inside, so watched out if after you drink pop egg and you cannot sleep on time. Even the milk tea is not too impressive but I like my okinawa matcha milk tea, it is great and I combine with pop egg, which is contradicted but it taste amazing, I love it. 

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Rukan Crown Golf Blok A No. 23
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14460
Tel : 021 2942 4747

Mall Kota Kasablanka 
Lantai UG, FSU 26
Jl. Casablanca Kav. 88, Jakarta Selatan 12870
Tel : 021 2964 4913

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