Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rati-Rati : Japanesse Roll Cake

Rati-Rati is japanesse roll cake, I know Rati-Rati from Wanderbites, he said the roll cakes so soft and smooth, so when Deal keren offered the special deal, so I just click to buy button then I could trade in the period that they defined. So finish with two kinds of bubble tea and my tummy is going to explode, so I decided to took away Rati-Rati as my  food stock at home. 

When you enter Rati-Rati you will welcome by big huge colorful macaron tower, then they display the cakes in the left side. The interior in Rati-Rati dominant with orange and white color. It is comfy place to hangout while you enjoy the roll cakes. 

Rati-Rati has 8 variants roll cake, there are Angel Rouge Roll, Angel Blueberry, Kardinal Strawberry, Kardinal Chocolate, Japanesse Matcha Roll, Chocolate Roll, Plain Roll, Cheese Berry Roll and premium roll such as caramel machiatto and premium chocolate. Beside roll cake, they also served macaron and many cookies. 

In my this visit, I bought the voucher to trade so I only trade what I bought. I bought 4 slice of roll cakes from 8 variants roll cake. First I choose to kardinal chocolate, japanesse matcha roll, chocolate roll and plain roll. But the waitress said the kardinal was sold out, since the night before Rati-Rati so crowded. So I picked two japanesse matcha roll to subtitute kardinal chocolate. 

Japanesse Matcha Roll
Chocolate Roll
Original Roll

Japanesse matcha roll is so great, the green tea flavor so strong also the cake texture so soft and smooth, just love it. The filling is butter cream with red bean. I don't like red bean but I force my self to like it. Chocolate roll is great too, the chocolate on top so nice and the chocolate flavor is strong. Original roll cake is not too sweet than the others roll, but it is great too. 

I wish I could visit them again, coz I really curious with their kardinal chocolate or strawberry. In my opinion, this roll cake will be nicer if it served with ice cream. As I took away this roll cakes, I choose magnum gold to accompany the orignal roll cakes. So yummy.

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