Monday, 17 September 2012

Porter Er House

After finished had snack in Ochado, Rati-Rati, and Bobabits, so we stepped up our foot to serious dinner in Port Er House. Port Er House is a great place for hangout with friends, but if you bring your family like I did, it is great place too. They have comfy place to have family quality time. They served western food, and my mom is big fans of western food, so here it is!

Port Er House have two floor, but I don't go upstair. In first floor, they have indoor and outdoor area, I went there with my family and my grandma, so we decide to seated in indoor area. The outdoor area looks amazing, you could lying and relax while enjoy your food and drink. I love this place, when the night comes up, this place looks more great and nicer. The wood and black color dominant their interior and furniture, so  gorgeous.  

Port Er House named as french restaurant, pizza place, italian resto and steak house, so mainly they have western food. As this is my first time ate in Port Er House, so I asked the waiter, what the signature dish they have, he said that is pizza, but we weren't in the mood of pizza, so we decided to picked some pasta, and steak.  

For drink, as well, I want to stay save with choose regular drink as well, that is ice lychee tea. We have ice lychee tea in pitcher, so we could share the ice lychee tea together. The ice lychee tea same like the other lychee tea I ever taste, it is quite strong tea and lychee flavor. Even they named as lychee tea, but they don't put any lychee on it.  

Mushroom Soup Rp. 20,000,-

Farfalle Spinach Rp. 45,000,-

Farfalle is pasta with ribbon form. I ordered farfalle spinach, the presentation looks great. They put some of pasta in basket. The farfalle is great, the spice is great. The put chicken cutlet in the farfalle, even though they already served chicken slice on top. Beside the farfalle is great, in my opinion the farfalle is too milky, also the cream on farfalle is too thick, maybe they need more chicken stalk or water to make the cream not too mate.

Pesto Sauce Rp. 42,000,-

Pesto is my mom dish. She likes pesto very much. Pesto is combination between basil and many green ingredients, so they have natural bright green color. In my opinion, the pesto is too oily. The pasta is not al dente, so it is little bit over cooked. Also, I think maybe this pesto needs more salt

Salmon Grilled Rp. 72,000,- 

Salmon grilled is my dad dish. The salmon cooked well but I think it needs more spice on it. The salmon topped with green sauce which is so unique, it tastes little bit sweet and its great to combine with the mashed potato. The mashed potato is great. Love it

Oreo Mille Crepe Rp. 45,000,-

Oreo thousand layer is our dessert. As I taste it,I could guest this is First Love Cake mille crepe. But I don't know yet, I don't ask to the waiters, are they buy from mille crepe or make it buy them self. It taste great, layer by layer so moist and soft. I just love it. 

For all, maybe next time in my mood of pizza, I wanna try their pizza, it looks thin and crust. Then if I could suggest you, it would be nice if you visit during the afternoon, so the ambient and atmosphere are gorgeus. In my opinon, the food they served is not too special, but the place really support your dining experience here, so maybe you don't buy your food, buy you buy the ambient. 

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Port er House
Rukan Crown Golf Blok B No. 38-39, 50
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Tel : 021 - 4463 2017


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