Wednesday, 5 September 2012

XXI Cafe

I know both of you maybe very familiar with 21 or XXI as a place to watching cinema, some of you might be buy some food or drink to enjoy while you watching cinema. As we knew that 21 or XXI theater renovated and improved, same like the theater, the XXI cafe, they are not only served general boring soft drink, now they have many tempting food and drink. Last month I watched Batman with my family, my mom bought me hot irish chocolate and pink berry yoghurt while I went to the toilet. I am surprise that two drinks which is usually available in cafe now available in XXI cafe. So here it is!

Hot Irish Chocolate Rp.38,000,-

Hot irish chocolate size is mini for me. As you know, that Batman duration time is more than 60 minutes, but the hot chocolate size is too tiny for me. Beside the size, the hot chocolate is ok for me, even in my opinion the hot chocolate is too sweet. The temperature just great. 

Pink Berry Yoghurt Rp.36,000,-

This is my first time bought blended drink pink berry yoghurt in XXI Cafe, before my mom bought it she said she double think to tried blended drink, and finally she bought it for me. When you try this, you will be surprising that XXI Cafe could make great blended drink like this. This blended is totally worth it. It is combination between strawberry, minched   peach on the bottom and on top, yoghurt and topped with whipped cream. The combination is great, I love it. 

All this drink is available in XXI Cafe so, what are you waiting for, let's try it!

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