Monday, 3 September 2012

Bubble Tea in Genting : Cha Time and Come Buy

When I visited Genting two months ago, I found 2 bubble tea in Genting. There are Cha Time and Come Buy. even Cha Time is available too in Indonesia, but why don't we try Cha Time in Genting, they have different menu that doesn't available in Indonesia. Come Buy also available in Jakarta, but I don't have a chance to catch them, so here's bubble tea from Genting. 

Cha Time is located in First World Plaza, it is easier to reach than Come Buy which is located in Cha Time in Genting Hotel so it is kinda far from our hotel in First World Hotel. Like in Indonesia, Cha Time also show the purple color as their brand color. They have two size o cup small and large, you can pick your sugar level, your ice level, and ta da. Your bubble tea will be served. Cha Time in Malaysia, has different menu which is not available in Indonesia. So here's what we ordered. 

L - R
Lychee Yakult Pearl RM 7,90,-
Strawberry Puding Milk Tea (L) RM 8,90,- (S) RM 7,90,-
Lychee Pearl Milk Tea RM 6,90,-

We ordered lychee yakult milk tea, strawberry puding milk tea large and small, and lychee pearl milk tea. Lychee yakult milk tea is fresh as the named mention before, they use yakult. The pearl is great, the chewyness is great. Strawberry puding milk tea is so great, me and Julia really love it. It consists of fresh strawberry and milk, also it is great combination with egg puding. Lychee milk tea also great, the tea flavour is strong also the lychee. For the price range, it is same like in Indonesia. As price comparison, when we visited Malaysia 1 RM = Rp. 3,050,-

I never taste Come Buy in Indonesia, so this is my first time taste their bubble tea. When I visited them is almost midnight and they almost close. So I am kinda hurry to order them and I missed for the topping. 

Caramel Milk Tea RM 8,50,-

I bought their caramel milk tea. Milk tea is menu that I usually ordered in any bubble tea. In my opinion is great, the tea is strong, but since I missed the bubble/ pearl, something which is soul of bubble tea is gone. So maybe, I will taste Come Buy in Indonesia, and see the comparison with them.

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